Why Rent a Car in Iceland?

why rent a car in icelandIceland is an incredible place. The history behind this country is already enough to make it cool, like the fact that it was sailed to and populated by Vikings. Not to mention that everybody who is truly Icelandic can trace their lineage back to the original 12 Viking families who discovered it! On top of its history, Iceland is downright beautiful. Contrary to its name, Iceland is not a barren wasteland. It has forests, hills, coastline, mountains, and glaciers. Its peculiar structure is one of the reasons you should rent a car in Iceland. But let’s go on…

Iceland is home to many beautiful sights. When talking about Iceland’s tourist attractions, Reykjavik must be mentioned. Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, and its largest city, home to 2/3 of the country’s population. Reykjavik is very unique in its culture. Parties their last early into the morning, the people are very nice, and the surroundings make it feel very cozy. Reykjavik is home to great museums and art galleries, and whale is a popular dish, along with other strange sea creatures.

The Blue Lagoon must be mentioned next, as it is one of the most popular destinations on tourists’ itineraries. The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spring that is warmed by the Earth thousands of feet below, it is also blue! It is fairly expensive, but an attraction that is worth every penny, it’s a blue lagoon! People who visit can cleanse their pores in the mineral-rich water, and bathe themselves in naturally heated pools.

One of the coolest historical sights in Iceland is Reykjavik 871±2: The Settlement Exhibition. This is a fascinating archeological dig in Reykjavik, it is based around a 10th Century longhouse. This Viking dwelling was discovered in 2001. This interesting exhibit gives insight into early Icelandic life; its name comes from the estimated date of the earth layer beneath the longhouse. The exhibit includes captivating interactive and high-tech multimedia tables that explain the excavation in the area. They also show a reconstruction of what the longhouse may have looked like when it was first made. There is also a function that lets you virtually look through different layers of sediment in the excavation! Artifacts found here include oil lamps, an iron axe, bones, and a wooden panel inscribed with ancient Icelandic runes!

Another curious aspect: in Iceland, there is water in all its forms and it is everywhere! There are geysers, and breath-taking waterfalls, and large ice formations. It also gets a fair amount of rain and snow throughout the year. There are lava fields that will inspire your imagination, and you can even see the Mid-Atlantic ridge slowly splitting Iceland apart! Wow!

Public transportation is widely available in Icelandic cities. Everything is also within walking distance, since its cities are fairly small. The country itself is fairly small as well. Most of the locals in Iceland speak English fluently, so tourists can even engage in city or town life, and learn about Icelandic culture! Travelers looking to get the most out of their journey often choose to rent a car to drive to these popular destinations.

Why and how to Rent a Car in Iceland

Go online; the best deals for car rentals in Iceland can be found here. However, many rental car facilities in Reykjavik can give walk-in quotes (usually higher) to people looking to rent a car.

Picking up or pre-booking online a car at Keflavik International Airport is also a good idea. The fare from the airport to Reykjavik will be between $20-$30, so you might as well pick up a car at the airport. The longer you keep your car, the cheaper it becomes!

Don’t buy theft insurance for your rental car. Car theft in Iceland is very rare, and there are many more insurances (such as one for ash from the volcano) that are unnecessary as well.

Always think about the cost of gas when renting a car. In Europe, gas is very expensive and is sold by the liter. You can expect to pay around $5 for a gallon of petrol.

If you choose your arrival and renting dates carefully, you can save a lot of money. During the fall and winter months, renting a car becomes very cheap because tourists often don’t visit during this time period (the climate is very cold).

Renting a car in Iceland is the best way to see the country. It is also the only way to get transportation to all of the sights to be seen there.

Tourists cannot take buses to these places, as public transportation does not exist outside of cities. The only buses that do are tour buses, and those cost a hefty fee as well. Tour buses also take away your freedom to go wherever you please. If you are traveling with a companion, renting a car is definitely the way to go. Driving in Iceland is also very easy because there is no traffic, just be prepared for lots of gravel roads!


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