Why do Rental Car rates vary?

Why do Rental Car rates varyWhy do Rental Car rates vary? If you have ever searched online some rental cars rates, you’d probably asked yourself this question. When traveling, it can be far easier to travel by car than plane, giving you’re a better chance of taking in more of the journey along the way. If you need to travel faster, you can go by plane, but what happens when you get to your destination? How will you get around? What makes the most sense for your pocket book? This is the best occasion to take a rental car. Not only can you rent a car when you have traveled by plane, but you can also rent a car for a road trip, potentially giving you extra room for travel if you need it for baggage, or extra seats if there are more people traveling with you than usual. Or even if you don’t have a car to take on a trip to begin with!

But let’s keep the focus on the main question. You may be wondering what the rates are if you rent a car. Actually the rates from renting a car can be quite affordable, especially when you take into account that…

…it will not be your own car you’re putting wear and tear on, but a car that you will give back.

Also, when you rent a car, you are going to be renting a newer car that has been professionally cleaned before you get it! This can be a treat for many travelers, knowing you get more bells and whistles potentially as well as a car you didn’t have to clean yourself, making the rates even more reasonable!

Car rental price variation

Why do Rental Car rates vary, then? The rates when you rent a car can vary quite a bit, depending on what car would best suit your needs as well as how long you wish to have the car. There is commonly a price break if you opt to have the car for three days or more, instead of only one, giving you the chance to see even more sights while traveling as well as having the freedom to visit where you chose, and not be bound by costly taxi fees or restricted by public transportation.

Checking out websites that let you rent a car online can provide you the most options for affordable rates. You may also find the best rates if you rent a car prior to the start of your journey, reserving it far in advance to lower car rental rates. This will also guarantee that the size of car you need is available, so you will not have any unfortunate surprises waiting for you either when you wish to start a road trip, or when you arrive at an Airport.

Sizes and timing of booking

The rates of rental cars vary depending on the size of car that works best for you. The least expensive cars are standard 2 and 4-door sedans. These cars will also be the most economical on gas mileage, proving to be the lowest-cost all around. Keep in mind that when you return your rental, you will have to ensure that the gas tank is full, so the most economical cars will be the least expensive to fill.

Another model you might find when you rent a car is a SUV. While the rates on this type of car rental may be slightly higher than a standard sedan, a SUV may be essential depending on the kind of driving you are doing. If you are traveling to a destination that may have snowy weather, a SUV will be important to keep you safe on the roads, making the higher rates entirely moot. A SUV is also better if you will be traveling on unpaved areas, giving you better tracking on the road.

A pick-up truck is also a common model you find when you rent a car. This may be ideal if you are planning on hauling anything, as it will provide the most space to do so. You will find the rates on a pick-up are higher than a SUV or sedan, but it is due to extra cost of maintaining such a large vehicle. They will also be less economical on gas than the other models.

If you are wondering why do Rental Car rates vary, you have to remind that it’s not only a matter of make and model: it’s also about the timing you are planning to rent your car. Try to book in advance and try also in different moment of the day and in different days of the week… you will have good surprises!

When you rent a car, it is best to review what you need before deciding on a model. Verify what your plan is before you embark on your journey. Booking online will also give you the best prices as well as ensure the model you need is available.

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