Which Rental Car Insurance to get: What to Consider

which rental car insurance to getWhen you wonder which Rental Car insurance to get, this is often a thought that car renters can conflict on. Many people have rented a car before and have been able to just use their own personal auto company insurance policies.

Other people who do not have cars of their own must get some type of insurance in the case that they may get pulled over or are in an accident in the car rental.

Different car rental customers who have had positive experiences and never experienced any trouble might tell you that insurance policies through the car rental agencies is just a waste of money.

However, if you are traveling overseas, you might be required to get a different type of car insurance so that it is valid in the country you are visiting.

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How to know which rental car insurance to get

How to know which car insurance to get on a rental car can really be influenced by those people who have run into issues when they have rented a car and they might have had damage, been in a collision with another accident, or the rental car might have even been stolen.

For example, in some countries in Europe, particularly in South of Italy, it is required by law to have a theft protection policy in the case that the rental car is stolen. (read also: www.moneysupermarket.com/car-insurance/european-cover)

You may have good luck or you may have bad luck but when you think about how to know which car insurance to take on a rental car, you really need to make sure that you are protected overall. You do not want to pay any huge expenses out of your own pocket because you wanted to skimp on paying an extra $20 a day for added insurance. It is not worth the risk.

How to know which rental car insurance to get is heavily influenced by whether or not you have personal auto insurance coverage. You must confirm with your insurance agency to see if your policy covers partial or total damages to a rental car.

Also, you might also find that your credit card company offers some type of car insurance policy. It should not be considered to be used as your primary coverage option though and some credit card companies only offer coverage to their elite customers. You need to touch base with your credit card company to see what kind of coverage they will offer, if any, on a rental car so you determine how to know which car insurance to take on a rental car.

Do not rent any vehicle at all until you are positive what your own insurance covers and also do not buy any additional insurance from a car rental agency unless you know for sure it is essential. It is only then that you can truly make an informed decision on how to know which car insurance to take on a rental car.

In some cases a personal insurance policy or a credit card’s secondary backup insurance policy on a car rental may not quite be enough if you happen to have a mishap with your rental car. There could be loopholes where you are responsible for any damages to the rental car instead.

Once you are sure that you have adequate insurance then you can consider purchasing other protective insurance that can give you a better peace of mind. There is no reason that you should risk a premium increase on your own personal policy due to a mishap with a rental car either. See our best deals and choose the rental car insurance you want!

You will be paying that fee for years. How to know which rental car insurance to get comes with being a smart car renter and consulting with your personal insurance agency before purchasing options with your car rental. While car agencies can help some, they are mostly out to make a few dollars. Some may say though that if you do not think you need it, then do not buy it.

Different car rental companies offer various types of insurance as add-on options. You will expect to pay a significant amount and it is often one of the largest expenses besides the rental of the car itself. Benefits of car insurance as offered by the different car rental companies will also vary by location so be sure to research online to find out what your true coverage will be in order to determine how to know which car insurance to take on a rental car.

There may be all sorts of fine print to skim over in your car insurance policy and anyone is subject to a number of exclusions, limitations, and provisions. Do not let your head spin. Just go into the situation armed with knowledge so you can figure how to know which car insurance to take on a rental car.

A very common type of Rental Car insurance

One type of insurance that is very common is the loss damage waiver protection policy. It is a policy that is typically offered by your car rental company and can really help you out without robbing your bank. While it is not technically insurance, it is considered to be an option that can actually relieve you of any financial responsibilities in the case that your rental car is stolen or damaged.

This loss damage waiver option is great for people who are not insured at all.

However for those who do have their own personal auto insurance policies, it is still highly recommended. Just a few dollars per day for this loss damage waiver is so much better than trying to come up with thousands of dollars on the spot to pay for a stolen or damaged rental car. It is so much better for you to cover yourself and is a good thing to consider when trying to determine how to know which rental car insurance to get.

With a loss damage waiver, what you need to know about it and which car insurance to get in regards to this coverage, you are probably offered the best protection. You will not be held accountable for the full fair market value of the automobile in the case that it is vandalized, stolen, or damaged while you have it rented and it is under your watch and care. You cannot foresee these situations.

A loss damage waiver also will keep you from having to reimburse the car rental agency in the case that the car is unusable and they claim that because of this, they are losing revenue.

Right there, you know that they are thinking of their best interest. They will want you to reimburse them if revenue is lost during a timeframe that the company cannot use the car to rent out to other customers because it is not ever recovered from a theft or it is being repaired as the result of an accident.

Do you really want to take on that kind of charge? You never know when a car is going to be fixed and returned and out of commission for the company. You do not want to incur those charges.

If you find that a loss damage waiver is one of the options for your car rental and while you might be trying to rent a car as cheap as possible, this is one fee that you might want to bite the bullet on when you are trying to think about how to know which rental car insurance to get while maintaining a low cost on a rental.