What to see in Florence with a rental car?

What to see in Florence with a rental carWhat to see in Florence with a rental car? Well, step back: Italy is for many people – especially for those who love culture – a dream come true. And Florence is the home of art and architecture. Florence is a small cultural metropolis that offers visitors the best museums and art galleries in their respective fields

Should you travel to Florence? The answer is yes, of course you should travel there. For its museums, for its trendy shops, the insuperable Italian cuisine, to enjoy an unforgettable sunset in Ponte Vecchio or simply see the David by Michelangelo, no traveler will be disappointed with Florence.
Florence is a tourist destination that can be enjoyed both on a day like for a week (even if a day is too few!): its characteristics make this city and its proximity the perfect place to be visited by car.

You must also remember that this beautiful city with its 400,000 inhabitants is not small, so you have to organize well enough to enjoy this wonderful city.
And how do you do?
The first thing to do to enjoy this beautiful city is to rent a car, and if you wonder if you should do we will answer “totally yes”. You should rent a car and here we present reasons for doing so.

Why you need a rental car in Florence

First, Florence is a city for walking tour, does that mean that if you go for few days have much to do and too little time to do it. Think for a moment about the places you could go in Florence. There have Piazza of the Duomo which is the most famous of Florence. We also have Piazza Della Signoria:
if the Piazza del Duomo is the religious center of the city, the Piazza Della Signoria is the center of the civil power and the most vibrant area of the city.

What to see in Florence with a rental car:

Ponte Vecchio – With its hanging houses and shops, is one of the most famous bridges in the world. Curiously, the “Old Bridge” is also the oldest stone bridge in Europe.

Florence Cathedral – Florence Cathedral (Duomo locally called) is one of the largest churches in Christendom. Besides its beautiful facade in white and green marble dome 45 meters in diameter one of the most beautiful in the world. Or to say Campanile of Giotto Built in the fourteenth century by Giotto and Andrea Pisano, Giotto’s Campanile is the slender bell tower of the Cathedral of Florence.

Boboli Gardens –  Browse this garden is to revive the history of the Medici family who occupied the Palazzo Pitti in the mid-sixteenth century. Boboli Gardens are the largest of Florence. (hours and tickets for Boboli gardens here: https://www.polomuseale.firenze.it/en/musei/index.php?m=boboli)

Piazzale MichelAngelo  – at the top of the plateau south of the Arno River is this square, undoubtedly one of the best places to admire Florence in all its glory.

What to see in Florence with a rental car?

Well, the question is that around Florence, you can find other amazing Tuscany places. Do not forget indeed Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano, Chianti, Pitignano, Lucca, Massa and Carrara, Elba Island: all these are amazing places worth visiting. Like I said, do all this takes time and the best way to do this is by renting a car. Why? You can move more easily and enjoy your preferred locations, whenever you want.

Imagine for a moment that you go from Florence to Siena and suddenly see something you like.

As you have a car you decide to get off of it and take a picture to preserve the moment. Now you could think about to change direction and decide to go to Pisa, then you take a bus … not then take your car and you go over there. Everything is that simple.

So if you’re not still convinced we will show you many reasons for it.
Save time and money by not directly concerned by the check of your vehicle, do not waste time on paperwork, insurance, among others things.

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As I said at the beginning, you have plenty of reasons for wanting to travel to the capital of Tuscany, and even at the risk of suffering the Stendhal syndrome, that psychosomatic illness that causes an elevated heart rate and confusion when the individual is exposed to an overdose of artistic beauty.

And even though many attractions that delight in the capital of Tuscany, cradle of the Renaissance and home of Dante, whose legacy of the past is the most beautiful testimony of all the sublime that is able to create man. And although the motives are unlimited only you can enjoy of this beautiful city choosing the freedom of a rental car…