Visiting and getting rental cars in Bologna Airport

Bologna’s nearest Airport is the “Guglielmo Marconi International Airport” (Bologna), and it’s only minutes away from the city center. There is a taxi and a special bus known as the “Aerobus,” that helps transport visitors. You can catch either of these transport systems in order to reach the Rental Cars in Bologna Airport Guglielmo Marconi. And this is when your vacation has truly started, the moment you step up to rent a car.

But there’s a lot to consider when choosing a car hire in Bologna. Did you know that there are no “Ford Victoria’s,” or “Vans,” within the European rental companies? Which means that there is limited space. And unless you are ready to spend about $2,000 for a S-class Mercedes or BMW then you can expect something small, with very little room (anyway, we suggest to book online to get the best cars and the best deals!)

But don’t let that spoil your vacation, that just means you get to pack smart. At least you know what to expect before renting the car and one of the biggest challenges is packing light; but when you do, at least you get to bring home more memorabilia.

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Rental Cars in Bologna Airport Marconi You Can Expect

Since European cars are so much different than the ones we’re used to in America, it’s important to understand the types of vehicles you might be offered, before speaking to an actual rental car agency.

There are only a few different types of vehicles that you can expect to when looking for rental cars in Bolonga Airport Marconi, including:

  • Compact Cars. These are our typical cars like, VW Golf, Ford Focus, Peugeot 308. They are comfortable at 80 to about 90mph. And they have large trunk space, you can fit a large suit case and a few more smaller ones in the trunk easily. They also have two-door models and four-door models, with air-conditioning.
  • Intermediate Vehicles. These are, for example, Open Vectra, VW Passat, Renault Laguna, Audi A4. It’ll hit your check book though.
  • Luxury Cars. Even though your intermediate vehicles are spendy, that doesn’t mean there aren’t even more expensive vehicles. These luxury cars have power and are roomy; but their prices start at around $1500USD.

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Saving Money & Avoiding Problems

Did you know there are many different ways to save money when looking for a rental car? Europe car rentals can be hectic but if you take a few steps to prepare yourself, the process won’t be as hard. And there are a few different things you can do to make life easier, like:

  1. Avoid late pickups at the Airport. If you decide to purchase at a European Airport your going to be paying some high taxes(thinking about 15-22%), at the most, if you’re late.
  2. Avoiding Sunday rentals because a large majorities of car rentals are closed on Sundays (but not at the Airport), and that makes it more likely that you will have to pay an expensive airport pickup charge and nobody has time for those unnecessary charges.
  3. Avoid the smaller towns. Everything gets more expensive when you are traveling in and out of a small town to pick up a rental car, plus they also have a lot less to choose from. And the reviews aren’t so promising.

That’s why if you’re going to be traveling in Italy, you should get your rental cars in Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport. There are a great selection of vehicles and it’s right at the airport, making it easier to pick up your luggage and jump in the car, starting your vacation that much faster.

Rental Cars in Bologna Airport Marconi Check List

Alright, so you’ve arrived to Bolonga Airport and you’ve climbed reached the Travel-Exchange center located on the ground and first floors of the Airport. This is the area where you can check your banking, exchange currency, get travelers cheques and purchase travelers insurance and telephone cards. And that’s not all you should be preparing, before stepping up to the rental cars in Bologna Airport Marconi, make sure you’re prepared.

  • Know what your voucher says. Your voucher tells you all the vital aspects of your rental. Some aspects of your rental agreement cannot be discussed in email or over the phone and will be included on your voucher.
  • Have copies of your voucher and put them with all your other travel documents. You always want to be ready and have the contact information for the company you have your rental car booked with, in this case with Bologna Airport.
  • Know your expected charges. It’s important to remember road tax, airport tax, additional drivers, the optional insurance and equipment you request will cost extra. Some of these things do not come with your rental car.
  • Always remember that prepaid fuel is a bad, bad, terrible idea. It will cost you so much more money. Just agree to fill the tank back up, before you return the car and you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Make sure to inspect your car. You will want to take note of any damages prior to taking off because you don’t want to be held accountable for them, especially, if they went unnoticed in their last inspection.
  • Double check the fuel tank. Most rental car facilities have gas on-site and if they haven’t filled up that means you’ll be paying more in the long run. Make sure to double check that you got a full tank of gas. It’s only fair, especially because you’ll be filling it next.

When it comes to rental cars in Bologna Airport Marconi, you’ll have a choice between some of the very best vehicles, from their ‘generic,’ car rentals, to their luxurious car rentals. And not to mention, Bologna Airport offers long-term car rentals, which makes things much easier for those staying in Italy longer than the normal vacation.

Are you ready to have some fun? Get that rental car booked and head out into the beautiful city of Italy and explore Emilia Romagna too: rental cars in Bologna Airport are worth every penny because of their amazing deals, offers and extras. You won’t regret your family vacation when reserving with Bologna Airport.

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