Under 25 Fee Car Rental in USA: How to Avoid It When You Rent a Car

under 25 fee car rentals usa

We’ve already talked about how to rent a car under 25 years old.

We know that, if you are under 25 years old, you may struggle with renting a car: not only because a lot of rental car companies require you to be at least 20 or 21 to rent a car, but also because you may still be faced with a under 25 fee. 

You may ask yourself why you should pay a fee, even if you are a safed driver.

No matter how perfect your own driving record is, companies apply fees because it’s more statistically probable that younger drivers are involved in car accidents. See more here.

Anyway, there are some tips which will allow you to get the best deal and save money while renting a car!

In this blog post, we’ll see how much you normally pay for renting a car and some tips to avoid the under 25 car rental fee. 

Check what the big companies offer

Before anything else, you should check what the big companies offer! Not all the companies have an age restriction, and you can save money by comparing the charges.

The big companies charge between 20$ and 30$ daily on average; of course, a gap of 10$ makes the difference in the range of a week. 

Thrifty under 25 fee: try smaller companies

If the big companies are still charging under-25-fees, try renting from a smaller agency.

These local car rent companies may not have any age restriction and may offer better rates. If you find yourself in an area where there aren’t any car rental companies, you could always try to use Rentcar360!

These kinds of companies have a few advantages: they have smaller fleets but they also have a lower overhead than their larger counterparts, this means that they can pass along the savings and charge you a lower rate.

Consider contacting the company directly to see if there is a special code or discount you can use.

Let’s check with your rental car company if there are any kind of discounts or codes to reduce the price. Usually, being a student at university or being a member of some association can help you to save money!

University discount code for under 25 car rental fee

Some rental car companies offer discount codes for students at university, staff and alumni members. 

Several discounts don’t require you to be active as a student or staff member.

Also, if you check with your school, you may find other facilitation such as unlimited additional driver or damage waiver free of charge.

Car rental with no under 25 fee: become an AAA member and rent with Hertz

Hertz has a partnership with AAA (American Automobile Association), which makes it the easiest way to rent a car if you are under 25.  

Becoming an AAA member allows you to get many discounts, fee waivers and a lot of other perks. 

Purchasing an AAA membership will let you save a lot of money. If you go on holiday for a week, and you get the lowest priced classic membership, you’ll pay only 50$, instead of 20$ for seven day; you’ll save then 80$. 

Use a rental rewards program

If you’re not 25, you can still get around the under-25-rental-fees by using a rental rewards program. You can check to see if your credit card offers it or if there’s a reward program affiliated with your airline.

This will allow you to earn points when you rent a car, which can later be redeemed for free flights and hotel stays. 

Furthermore, if you are 18 – 24 year old and you, or a member of your family, are part of USAA, you don’t need to pay the fee. 

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This will not skip the under 25 fee when it’s expected, but at least it allows you to save money, somehow!

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We hope this guide has answered your questions about what to do in case of rental car damage. If not, we are always here to help!