Top 10 Tips to Rent a Car

top 10 tips to rent a carThere are so many reasons for a person to rent a car. It may be for a long trip or a casual day out renting a car is what we prefer. Cars are rented at Weddings and as well as on occasion of a special date. For any reasons you are going to rent a car, here our top 10 tips to rent a car.

Top 10 tips to rent a car

Renting a car can be bit of a responsibility and also needs some hands-on knowledge regarding the whereabouts of the car rental companies. Also, one needs to gather some information as to what the do’s and don’ts are when you are about to rent a car.

First thing First, let’s make things clear to book a car the foremost decision is to be made regarding which company should we pursue.

1. Browse for the Deal of Deals

The best way to decide on which agent to pick up, is to do a little browsing through the internet. Thankfully, the search engines nowadays are efficient enough to help you decide which the best car rental services are. It also helps to get the cars at the best rates possible.

If you are looking for something to start with, then refer RentalCars, Kayak, Expedia, or AAA which have gained a name for itself. The piece of advice would be that don’t just compare the initial price quotes. What is essential is to dig deep down in to the net worth of the package before you rent a car.

The other factors in choosing the agent is their accessibility of a certain location, how good they are with their services, and availability and timeliness. Most of the names you come across in the United States offering rent a car services are also available with Europe. The most heard names being Europcar and Sixt. The benefit in going with big names is that even if you face any trouble it is likely to receive immediate support in the form of technical assistance or a complete replacement.

2. Mark your Machine

Yes, now that you have decided with which company to rent a car from, the next inevitable doubt arises regarding the make and model of the car. This is highly dependent on where you are going to visit. The cars in America are in many ways different to their siblings in Europe. These difference mainly arise with the space issue, European makes have lesser space when it comes to mid-range vehicles.

The other thing that counts is the lesser availability of automatic cars in Europe. If you insist on getting one it is advisory that you check on with the company much in advance to book your slot. Though, the best thing to do is a little practice on driving a manual transmission vehicle. This knowledge is quite precious and might come in handy in case of any emergency. It is best to use a not so expensive model and a 4-5 years old make. Depending on the number of members travelling together, the car can be selected.

3. Pick-Up and Drop Time and Place

Cities usually have convenient modes of transport and since you are new to the place it’s a good idea to travel via public transport to know the place better. Thus one should rent a car right when they are travelling from one city to another via road. That is bound to save a lot, even the parking charges.

Another Tip to rent a car and feel good with the deal is to utilize the full hours and not go beyond the penalty line. most of the car rentals have a 24-hour rate when it comes to per day rental and they will offer you a pick up and drop time of their own in some cases. Go through the package details to find out more.

4. Weekly Rentals for a Long Vacation

Usuallythe per day rental rates are higher than those of a week. So in case you are actually planning on spending a week long leisure its always better you rent a car accordingly.

5. Check Hidden Costs and Package Worth

Make it a point to check the net worth when accepting a package. Do not agree on floating costs. Finalize the deal only when you are convinced. Remember to evaluate on the currency conversion while dealing with agencies. All the agencies insist on taking additional offers and insurance covers along with the base package, so exercise a bit of caution. If you ask my advice, it is a strict no. Pay as minimal as possible and don’t go for the extra insurance at all, except if you are going to do offroad or travelling in unusual countries. Also, just in case if you are thinking of car accessories like satnav or may be a child seat , aux cables and car chargers, then it is best that you carry your own accessories. The rental charges for these objects are sky high.

6. Fuel Policy

The most important part is here, you need to check on what the agency has to say about the fuel. Mostly they do offer a full tank package. Now, if you are up for driving great stretches and are likely to dry up the tank, then it’s a good option to take this. But in every other case it is always best to go for a refill as and when needed.

7. Get the most out of the Deal

As with the premier tours and travel clubs, many credit cards also have bonus programs that entitle you to privileges when you spend on the fuel or pay the rental via credit card. It has been observed now and then that they offer you extra miles in terms of distance and often you will get a percentage discount on the deal. Whenever you are booking on a deal make sure you always look for the various offers that are existent here and there. Promo codes spread all across the internet. There’s nothing in saving an extra 5% by using one such promo code. For example, Exxon and Mobile gift cards which are worth 10 dollars each for 1,000 Ultimate Rewards points. This leads to a cent discount with each point gathered.

8. Verify before taking a seat

This is the most important thing to do once you have gotten your hands on to the car. Take photographs of the car to ensure you have gathered its identity and condition when it arrived. This will reduce any chance of carrying any damage caused by the previous person who rented the car. The other aspect is that you yourself stay assured of the condition as to how the vehicle was when you took it.

Similarly, once you are done with your trip its best you take some more pictures to keep a note of how exactly the car was when you handed it over. Apart from this you should check the car thoroughly to get rid of any substances which do not belong to you. Best to surrender it to the agency and let them decide on what is to be done.

9. Beware of Sneaky Charges

This is another of those Sneaky add-ons that you might face with some agencies. A varying rental charges on weekdays and weekends. The best way is to negotiate on this at first and go for a more reasonable weekly rate unless you are on a weekend trip. Read also: www.travelsupermarket.com/blog/7-car-hire-ripoffs-avoid

10. Final Tip

This is the final tip from our “top 10 tips to rent a car” list… and it happens to be one of the most important. Though while travelling you have to rent a car, but it isn’t essential for you to drive it. You can preferably choose a driver and layback [read also: www.rentcar360.com/can-i-book-a-hire-car-for-someone-else]. The other thing to be well aware of are the driving rules and the parking facilities when you hit the road.

If you get caught on the wrong lane, chances are you might just have to shed quite a big amount as the Car Rental agency will transfer the charges to you and penalize you for the event. Thus a local driver is a safe bet as he will have a better knowledge of the rules and the routes.

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