Tips for renting a car

tips for renting a carDo you need a car? Well, today we reveal some tips for renting a car.

Ready, steady… go! Some tips for renting a car

When you find yourself wondering how can I rent a car, first you need to think about why you want to rent a car.

Are you renting a car to go on a road trip and will be flying back from your destination? If so, you will need a one way rental car. If you are flying overseas, you will need to figure out how can you rent a car in another country.

Maybe you are wanting to buy a particular car and would like to take one similar to it on a short trip to see if you would like it. Perhaps you are renting a car for a business trip in a different city. If you have a broken down car and need a replacement temporarily to use as a primary vehicle, you can rent a car for that reason too. Regardless of the reason of why you want to rent a car, you need to first address how you can rent a car in order to be able to suit your needs.

When considering rental cars, one of the most important aspect is to address what your needs are. There are times when you might be traveling overseas to visit numerous countries. When you get there, you will find that in some places, the roads are narrow and winding.

If it is just you and another person or two, you might want to opt for a smaller, more compact vehicle rather than opting for a larger one because it will be easier to maneuver through those roadways (for example in Italy! Read also “Self Drive in Italy: 10 tips for the perfect italian holiday“). Also note that when you travel overseas, many of the cars that you will have access to renting are those with manual transmission. If you are wondering how can I rent a car and need an automatic transmission, you will have to put in a request when you make your reservation for your rental car and it will likely be a little bit more expensive.

However, in some countries, driving an automatic transmission is becoming more of the norm. Typically vehicles that have stick shifts are cheaper so that is what car rental companies keep on hand.

Perhaps you are going on a business trip and you are going with a partner to share in the driving and are wondering how can you rent a car so you can both drive the rental car? You must mark down in your reservation that one of you will be the primary driver who will also be the one who puts down the credit card to put the reservation and hold on in the case of damages. The other driver will be noted as the secondary driver and will still be able to drive the vehicle. In the case that it happens that a car is damage in an accident while one of you is driving, you will both be covered.

However, if one person was not listed so you could save company dollars, and the person who was not the primary driver listed on the rental car agreement was the one responsible for an accident, insurance will not cover the damages to the rental car.

When you ask yourself how can I rent a car quickly and cheaply, you really want to do it online. There are websites that allow for comparison shopping so that you are able to check out all types of vehicles. There are rental cars of all sizes. As stated before, smaller cars are great in some foreign countries. They are also cheaper cars for hire. The larger the car or the fancier the rental, the higher the daily rate.

In addition to small compact cars, there are also intermediate cars which are a bit roomier, standard sized cars which are a lot more roomier and even have a pretty good sized trunk and back seat, the luxury vehicles which can range from really fancy Ferraris or Cadillacs to even a little bit lower class of Escalades or Buicks which are still luxurious rentals. Also note that there are minivans which can seat 7 passengers which are great for family trips. There are also 9 seater passenger cargo vans that can be used to bring a whole entourage of people and suitcases.

When you ask yourself how can I rent a car, you might envision yourself walking into a rental car agency, slapping down your credit card and just walking off with keys in hand. Some steps are that simple but some can be even more simplified.

One of the easiest ways when considering how can I rent a car is to do it online. It is one of the best ways to comparison shop.

Not only can you compare cars themselves but you can also look at the various rental agencies that are available in the area where you will need to pick up your car rental. Some of these car rental companies are larger and have branches all over the world while some might be smaller and are primarily found in just one region. Regardless, sifting through what can be found online is so much easier so then you can rest assured with peace that you have a car ready for when you need it.

When you think about how to rent a car, you just simply need to go online and compare what cars you want from what agencies that offer the best deals. Doing research online also allows you to do your research on the car rental agency contract agreements so that you can take the time to read any small print for additional add on fees and hidden costs.

You do not want to be blindsided by these because oftentimes there are road taxes, eco tax fees, or even information about filling up your gasoline tank when you drop it off so you are not charged double the price of gas if the car rental agency has to fill it up instead.

So when you go online and start thinking which rental cars you want, you need to pick out your destination location. Perhaps it is at an Airport in another city or country. Perhaps your car is just right within a few blocks (in the case you need it as a replacement for your own personal car temporarily).

Just select the pick up time and place and the drop off time and location. Note that most car rental agencies charge 24 hour daily rates so if you pick up your car on a Tuesday at 10 a.m. and plan to rent it for two days and then go to drop it off on Thursday at noon, you will be charged an additional fee for being late for drop off.

On the alternative, you can also be charged if you turn a car in too early. It is recommended too that you pick up and drop off your rental car when the office is open so you do not have to worry about dropping keys off in an afterhours drop box.

When you are looking for some smart tips for renting a car, the primary two things you need are an active drivers license and a credit card. Though you can rent a car with other forms of payment, credit cards can provide their own type of secondary car insurance and are also much easier to enter online and be done with it. No worries and no hassle.