Rental Cars Insurance

A fundamental topic related to rental cars is insurance. Why to better understand what the insurance cover; understanding if an insurance is included in your credit card; which are the most important elements of an insurance related to rental cars: those are just the main things to watch for, but many others come. Read our articles and be fully prepared when you decide to rent a vehicle!


How to save money with car rentals?

How to save money with car rentals? Well, it’s a topic “most searched”, with a lot of variables to consider. Today we are going to find the best way to save money on a rental car. [We wrote tons of articles about it – read more here:] Best ways to save money on a rental car – some tips to remember First of all, surely best way about how to save money with car rentals is looking around internet, web sites,…

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Car Rental Insurance Abroad

Slow Down and Learn About Car Rental Insurance Abroad

You’ve decided to pack the family up and head overseas. Your plane tickets are purchased, resort-wear packed, and rental car is booked. Excitement fills the air as you anticipate your journey overseas. But wait; do you have everything you need? Here’s an important suggestion before you run out the door: make sure you’ve checked into car rental insurance, especially if you are travelling abroad. Car rental insurance abroad may not sound exciting or you may not think you need it,…

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Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance

Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance?

Dilemmas, dilemmas…They seem to always occur when you are mostly uninformed and in the case that you are looking to rent a car, you need to seriously consider should I buy extra rental car insurance? First of all, what kind of insurance do you have personally on your own car? Does it apply to rental cars? You need to seriously consider whether or not they cover rental cars too when you start questioning yourself about the extra rental car insurance. Note,…

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which rental car insurance to get

Which Rental Car Insurance to get: What to Consider

When you wonder which Rental Car insurance to get, this is often a thought that car renters can conflict on. Many people have rented a car before and have been able to just use their own personal auto company insurance policies. Other people who do not have cars of their own must get some type of insurance in the case that they may get pulled over or are in an accident in the car rental. Different car rental customers who…

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do you need insurance rental car

Do You Really Need Extra Insurance Rental Car?

A common question when renting a car – “Do you really need extra insurance rental car?” – is asked whenever a person hires rental cars. Every time. Learn the technical facts about this question in order to give best answer. Getting a rental car for the long distance travel is a good idea? The car renting service will ask for the insurance coverage when you finalize the deal. Do you really need extra insurance rental car before traveling? It is…

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