Summer Driving Safety Tips – Infographic

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Credit: Tim Mossholder’s photo

Today’s article is different: few words, more visual! Let’s talk about Summer Driving Safety, thanks to Alarms.org infographic.

Pay attention to Summer heat and risks: prepare your car… and yourself!

You really don’t want to ruin your vacation, so make this extra-effort: find the time to make a complete check-up of your car. Ask for it also with your hire car company!

  • Clean out the car’s engine with fresh water and refill it with the correct balance of water and coolant. Top up your fluids!
  • Make a transmission check with a mechanic, before a long travel (lights, power steering and brakes have to be controlled)
  • Inspect carefully the tires, in order to check little breaks or cracks. Maintain tyre condition.
  • Start your trip with a cool car, in hot days. Give yourself a relaxing drive, not a baking drive!
  • Keep hydrated before and during the driving. Take with you some water and fruits.
  • Consider any summer allergies. …
  • Get a lift to the beer garden. …
  • During the summer, never leave your children behind, neither people or pets, not even for few minutes!
  • Avoid sun glare. Impaired vision from the sun is a common cause of accidents, especially during spring and summer. Bring sunglasses and overhead sun visors to help block out the sun from your sight.

Also, stay smart during your driving: recharge your smartphone, take breaks, mind your kids and passengers, be careful to the road signals, don’t forget anything in the car. Have a good holiday!

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