Save Money and Time with Rental Cars

save money and time with rental carsToday we talk about “Save Money and Time with Rental Cars“. Do you have any doubts about travelling with a car? Do you know driving is not that bad? Let’s make an example: do you want to take that 1 hour flight? With the strong Airport security and all the hassle of Airport long timing, you might as well drive there, spending the same time you have flying and paying less. Once you get to your destination, having a car give you more freedom as well, avoiding taxi or buses expences.

Anyway, if you have decided to use a rental car for your trip (leisure or business, it doesn’t matter), take a look at our advices about saving money… and time renting a car!

Save Money and Time with Rental Cars

1.Size of the Car – First of all, the size. Get the smallest car possible; if not, you will pay the extra room and the extra gas that bigger cars consume.

2. Try to avoid One Way Car Rentals – Consider that the “one way car rentals”, when you pick-up and drop off the car in different locations, have high prices: sometimes they cost more than twice the price of standard rentals, especially when the two locations are in different countries or states. If you need the car for 7 days and will be in the same city for 5 and another city for 2, for example, just make 2 different bookings, renting 2 different cars in different car hire companies.

I know: you will come back to the rental offices twice, filling twice all the papers, but you will save money and time with rental cars acting this way. You can try this making some searches in our booking form, here: www.rentcar360.com/book-now-my-rental-car. You can save a lot of money.

3. Rental Car Insurance – We have talk a lot about Car Rental Insurance:

Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance?

Which Rental Car Insurance to get: What to Consider

A lot of credit cards and some personal insurance will cover rental cars too, so take some information about that. All you have to do is pay with the credit card that will cover you, avoiding the extra insurance offered by the car hire company.

4. Fill up yourself the rental car. Decline those services that fills the gas tank up for you, because you will pay a charge for the service. Ok you know that, just a reminder!

5. Coupons and Vouchers. Pay Attention: it is not unusual to find some coupons, deals and vouchers you can use when booking your rental cars online. Just make some searches on Google and you possibly find them. Why not to save money with rental cars online?

6. Pay attention to the Currency – When you travel abroad, consider the exchange rate when you travel. Also, many exchange points have exchange rates with high fees so always compare and wait the best shot.

7. Try to…

  • Using local version of the same website
  • Booking at different times

Online websites sometimes have lead time pricing or their rates are based on the time and day of the week your are booking. Try different searches in order to get the best deals!

8. Go Off Season. Ok that’s easy. Everyone wants to go to Dubai in the winter or in spring. Consider this type of vacations in off-peak periods. It’s cheaper to rent a car during this periods (the hotel too) and less crowded.

9. Book your rental car in a town next door. Sometimes the smaller towns close to where you are going have car hire companies, restaurants and hotels that are cheaper. Just take a look, you know…

10. Book Online. The high online competion will let you to book a rental car with the best deals…

  • directly from your personal computer,
  • with few clicks,
  • in the safest way.

Take a look here (RentalCars Online Comparison). Here are our 10 tips about save money and time with rental cars.

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