Renting a car in Lisbon Airport: why your trip in Portugal needs to start this way

renting a car in lisbon airportLisbon is the capital and the most heavily populated city in Portugal. It has a long and assorted history, ranging all the way back to the Phoenicians in 1200 BC, but the area has been populated much longer. Through the centuries, it has been ruled by Romans, Berbers, the French and the Spanish, giving the city and incredibly unique and diverse population that is still reflected on the people and buildings today. The city was even the site of three revolutions in the twentieth century alone! Visiting Lisbon is like a walk through the history of time of Europe, but it’s better to do it renting a car in Lisbon Airport.

The scenery of Lisbon is also a sight to be taken in. Situated among the seven hills of the Tagus River, you can take in the views of the river as you walk down the cobbled streets. The architecture of the city reflects all of the various occupations over the centuries, providing mosaic cobblestones from the eighteenth century adjacent to the pastel colored houses from the Berber occupation. The city also contains a unique sense of charm, including the Aleksandar Protich clothing store that was formerly a butcher chop. All the clothing is hung on heat hooks instead of traditional clothing racks. The city is also known for its traditional Fado music located in the dilapidated neighborhood of Alfama. Fado means “fate” in English and the sad music has been haunting the most rustic neighborhoods of Lisbon since the mid-nineteenth century.

Not all of Lisbon is historic, of course. A bustling city, modern stores and conveniences are easily located and navigated. No modern comfort is lacking in this remarkable city where history is neighbor to the city’s fast trams. And since Portugal entered the European Union in 1986, the country has benefitted from the European economy and aided in tourism. While generally this would mean the prices of goods and services would have risen in Lisbon, Portugal has maintained some of the lowest prices in tourism across Europe. What this means is you will get the most bang for your buck in the city of Lisbon, where the Euro will go a lot further.

In addition to utilizing the city’s tram system, you may find that it is easier to get around the city through renting a car.

The easiest place to find a car rental business would be to search online, especially if you do not speak Portuguese. There are an abundance of options when searching online, enabling you to get a vehicle that suits your travel needs. Better book your car online in order to pick it directly in Lisbon Airport.

Through renting a car, you will be able to venture beyond the city limits itself, taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery. Additionally, as the more historic monuments are separated by an unwalkable distance, hiring a car will make it more efficient to take in the most sites at once. Once you rent a car, you will have access to the neighboring quaint fishing villages, the Saint George Castle, and even the Jeronimos Monastery.

When traveling with a car, you will gain quick access from the south to east with the Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge, which crosses the Tagus River. Another option is to travel the 11-mile-long Ponte Vasco da Gama. Parking within Lisbon can be a challenge itself, so it is best to park your rental car in a lot instead of attempting to parallel park along the street in the capital.

You can rent a car online from the Airport when arrive in Lisbon, right when you step off the plane. This will provide you with immediate independence and you can drive directly to your hotel or do some touring immediately. This also makes it easier if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling with your family as you can load everything all together in the car and not worry about carrying heavy bags on the tram or keeping track of your children while also managing your luggage. When you rent a car, you can keep everything in one place and eliminate unnecessary worries.

Renting a car in Lisbon, you will want to purchase rental insurance, always a good choice; anyway parking in a lot will help reduce the risk of car theft and break-ins.


Peak travel season to Lisbon is June through August, meaning rental prices will less when traveling in the off-season. Renting a car in Lisbon will be the best way to efficiently get around the city, and once you layout all the wonderful sights you would like to take in, you will be able to see everything wonderful in the ancient city of Lisbon.

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