Rental cars in Formentera: what you should know

rental cars in formenteraLooking to get away for a holiday in Formentera? You’re probably wanting to stay for a few days, right? If so, you really need to think about how you are going to get around and see the sights. Depending on how physically fit you are you can probably walk or ride a bike, but then this wouldn’t be much of a vacation.

Considering that rental cars in Formentera are pretty reasonable and allow you to travel in comfort may be one reason to rethink the walking/bike method of traveling around the island.

You may not know that everything you need to do can be done online right from your home, even renting a vehicle and having it waiting for you when you arrive. Rent from a company that you have heard of before, and not one that doesn’t appear familiar to you. Do your research before you commit to anything, and save yourself a lot of money and headaches in the long run. Take into consideration how many people will be going with you, and the size of the vehicle you will need to accommodate all of them.

Where to rent a car in Formentera

Remember too that Formentera has no Airport, so you will be taking a ferry from Ibiza to get there. Rental cars in Formentera are available on the island itself, though: at the Port La Savina, for example, where you have he best choices, or in Es Pujols (the most vital town in Formentera) or Sant Francesc. Although this island is only about 12 miles (85 kilometers) total, there are plenty of things to see and do that would be better done from the comfort of a car.

If you are planning on seeing the local sites, you may not need a vehicle, but the chances of doing a bit of travel beyond the city limits are good enough to have a rental standing by. Another thing in favour of renting a car in Formentera is the high temperature… it’s very risky to go biking under the Formentera sun.

If you have never traveled to Formentera before it is a good idea to use a search engine to find out all you can before you head out. Why? Well, as far as car hire in Formentera goes, researching tourist information is the best way to make a decision about whether or not you actually need a vehicle to get around. You might not, but if you intend to leave the island to visit other places, you probably will.

best formentera beaches map
Take a look at the best Formentera beaches map!

Make sure you are well informed as to what your car rental contract stipulates. Things like insurance, (which you definitely want) miles allowed, gas purchases and more will be a deciding factor on which company you choose.

You are probably going to need an International Drivers Permit (referred to as an IDP) along with your drivers license from your state of origin. This you can get from your drivers bureau before you even leave home. It’s a bit like a passport being that it contains all your legal information as well as a recent picture of you.

How to rent a car in Formentera to save money

Rental cars in Formentera come in all shapes and sizes. From huge 4 wheel SUV’s, station wagons, tiny little 2 seaters, trucks, and even buses-all are available to rent during your stay. Remember that the larger the vehicle, the more it is going to cost in terms of rental price and the gas it is going to consume. Have all your plans in place and rental arrangements finalized before you get to Formentera. Why waste time haggling with car rental dealers when you could be enjoying your vacation right away! It is going to eat up a great deal of your fun time if you have to go from dealer to dealer looking for a rental price that fits your budget. Consider also that during the summer all the car rentals are usually sold, so it’s better book in advance.

Formentera Rental Cars: few other tips to consider

Normally, car rentals can be done from the airport you arrive at, but in this case you would have to do that when you land in Ibiza since (as mentioned) Formentera doesn’t have one. No worries, however. You can rent a car at this airport if you want, but we don’t suggest to book at the last moment. Again, look for a rental agency that you recognize. There will be several. Don’t be afraid to ask for the best deal possible. The car rentals expect this, and they may be amenable to giving you a better rate. You won’t know unless you ask! [Read also Rent a car in Ibiza: how to and why…]

If you are looking to do just a little driving here and there on the island consider having your friends chip in for the rental fee and/or gas. Of course, if you are traveling with your immediate family this might not be the course to take, but there are ways to save money anyway. Walk to where you can and only use the car for longer distances. Grab a bicycle for quick trips to downtown Formentera or to the beach. Whichever you choose, car rentals in Formentera can be found online here at various prices.