Rental cars in Florence – a great chance to enjoy the countryside!

rental cars in florence - pisa - tuscanyAhhh beautiful Florence, magnificent Tuscany! What a beautiful place for a vacation! The sights, the sounds, the gorgeous countryside (does Chianti sound familiar?). Now, have you considered how you are going to get to all these locations? Surely you are not going to rely on taxicabs to get you there when there are so many rental cars in Florence that you can rent, either by the day or week, or as long as you may need. Getting your transportation set up can be as easy as doing it online before you even leave home, especially if you are arriving to Florence Airport or Pisa Airport.

You can also find out all you need to know about Florence beforehand that may pertain to driving around and sight-seeing. First of all, there are really no set speed limits there, so it is imperative that you keep your wits about you when driving. Secondly, the streets in Florence were built with pedestrians foremost, and vehicles second, so they are rather narrow and constricted with tourists most of the time. Drive with caution.

Keep in mind that gas prices in Italy are quite a bit higher than what you might be used to, especially if you are coming from the US. If you plan to see the countryside or drive long distances keep an extra reserve of cash for fuel. Be ready to spend around $6 to$8 per gallon, so adjust your driving accordingly if you are traveling on a budget. This is also going to come into play when determining the size of the vehicle you need. Keep it as small as possible while still being comfortable.

Just because the Italians zip around quite quickly in Florence doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Remember, they have had a lot more practice than you. Many of the Italians you encounter on the road drive more aggressively than you do, but they are also used to the roads, traffic, and know their way around. The faster you drive, the more gas you will burn, and the chances are greater you will have an accident! You definitely don’t want to wreck your rental car in Florence!

When considering a rental car first decide how much traveling you are going to do. If you are going to remain inside the city of Florence most of what you want to see will be within walking distance. Taxicabs are available on every corner if you want or need a ride (but they are expensive in Italy).

You may even rent a car for just one day to travel across the countryside, thus saving you money that you can spend elsewhere. Many of the rental cars in Florence offer discounts or amenities for a short term rental, but you have to shop around to find them! Never hire a vehicle from the first dealer you visit. It pays to shop around. You might even consider hiring a local expert to negotiate a better deal for you, but it seems not practicable, so the best negotiator you can count on is internet: try rentalcars.com and you will simply have the best deals.

Here’s an innovative idea-instead of searching for a good deal on rental cars in Florence why not hire a local guide to drive you to wherever you want to go, especially if you plan on touring the countryside. Not only will you save more money than renting a vehicle, but you can sit back and enjoy the sights. Someone else can worry about the parking, negotiating the busy roads and the high volume of traffic you would encounter. Plus, they know where they are going and the easiest and safest way to get you there. But ok, maybe it’s not practicable.

There are car hire by the hundreds in Florence, but it would be better for you to stick with an online search that guarantees safety and the lowest prices with the best rental brands. When choosing the most known rental cars brands, it’s not set in stone that you will get the best rental price, but your chances are much better than a company you have never heard of before. You might even find a better deal if you reserve your car online before you arrive in Florence. You can research the company, read reviews from former companies, and compare rates right from the comfort of your home.


No matter how you plan on getting around in Florence there are plenty of options for you to do so. Rental cars in Florence are just one of the ways for you to enjoy the beauty of the countryside. If you are careful, shop around, and read the fine print in all the contracts you see you should have no trouble getting the best rental deal for your money.

Always keep in mind that Italians are shrewd business people and they are going to try to make as much money as they can. Reaching an amicable agreement is possible for both you and the dealer if you know exactly what you need and are willing to pay. But to avoid surprises, just book online. Traveling in Florence can be a pleasurable experience if you know what you are doing (and how to do it).