Rent a car for a week: how to save money

rent a car for a week save moneyIt is almost impossible to put into dollars and cents how much anyone is going to pay in terms of car rental fees. All agencies charge differently and it is just going to depend on a series of factors to determine how much it costs to rent a car for a week [read also “long term rental car – advantages“]. So today we focus on weekly car rentals.

Whether you are traveling in your own state, or are flying across the country, car rental weekly rates are going to vary in price range. To get an idea of a base price it is a good idea to do an online search of the different companies to help you decide the rate you want to pay for your one week stay.

Rent a car for a week: less than 6 dollars day rate?

Yes, you will see many rental agencies advertising rates as low as $6 per day, but none of these companies will be anyone you have ever heard of before! Stick with a name that is familiar to you if you want an agency you can actually trust. That $6 a day rate is borderline ridiculous – which you will see if you look into it further.

No one can rent a car at that rate and expect to travel in comfort.

Chances are you would have to enlist the services of a tow truck somewhere along the way.

Now, in all seriousness, there are several things that come into play when renting a car.

Cost is normally determined by the make and model of the car you request, how much driving you are going to do, where you are going to go, whether you want to purchase extra insurance, and what types of equipment you would like the car to have. Also, gas purchases are going to come out of your wallet, and that is on top of the rental agreement. Do you see now why it is almost impossible to figure out how much it costs to rent a car for a week?

weekly rental carWhat you can, and should do is check online to see what the rates are at the better known companies. There are certain times of the week that there are much better rates than other days.

Keep in mind that traveling on the holidays the rental agencies will be busier, rates may be higher, and your choice of vehicles may also be limited.

You may have to spend more to get the car you want. On the other side of this coin, there are often discounts and codes that may allow you to get a much better rate. These normally apply only if you book your rental online for 7 days, so keep that in mind.

cheap rentalTo keep the cost down for weekly rental cars, consider renting a smaller, compact car instead of a big luxury vehicle. Not only will the rental rate be less, but you won’t be driving a gas guzzler. About the only extra equipment you may need (if you are traveling in unfamiliar territory) is a Navigation system, or GPS so you don’t spend more time lost than not.

This will save you time by directing you to your destination quickly with a minimum of drive time. Time saved, gas saved, sanity saved! More money in your pocket for fun things.

weekly rentalWhat it costs to rent a car for a week will depend on other things, as well. Are you going to be logging hundreds of miles on the rental? This can add up in price because many of the agencies charge so much over a certain number of miles, kind of like when you lease a vehicle. You are allowed so many miles and if you exceed that number, you are charged so much per mile over. Drive as little as is reasonably possible.

You are going to see any number of rental agencies when you land at the Airport. Each one of them is going to fall all over themselves to help you out by renting you a car. Bear in mind that you won’t get a discount at the counterwhat you see is what you pay. Don’t be talked into something bigger than what you need, but on the other hand be a little hesitant if you are told there is nothing smaller to rent ‘at the moment.’

Normally the better known agencies won’t use this trick, but you may come across some who will.  This just a tactic to get you to rent something more expensive. Don’t fall for it.

resolutions-24-128So, as stated, what it costs for a weekly car rental will come down to what you can afford, and you should have this number in mind before you begin looking online. Many a vacation has been ruined because the rental fees were higher than expected and there was nothing left over for fun.

If you take the time to research each company before you even leave home, you may be pleasantly surprised at the fact that what it costs to rent a car for a week is not as far out of reach as you may have thought at first!