Rent a car in Europe: 10 Must know facts

rent a car in europeEach day thousands of tourists visit different parts of Europe. The best way to travel for them is to rent a car in Europe which will make their journey flexible and liberates them to create their own itinerary. Europe happens to be one of the most preferred locations for a road trip. Apart from a few locations like some villages in Switzerland, a car can get you almost everywhere.

As you plan your Euro Tour, it is essential for you to do a proper research on the agent from whom you can safely rent a car in EuropeHere we will be assisting you with a few good tips to safely hire a car at the best possible rate. It is in the process of taking the right decisions and making the correct choices that one can save up to even 50% of the cost.

10 must know facts for rent a car in Europe

  1. Simplicity of the Package

Don’t go for unnecessary glitter, just choose your car considering exactly what your requirements are. Germany flaunts some of the lowest car rental prices in Europe. A package of around $180 is supposed to get you a VW Golf. However this is just the base price that includes the road tax and service tax along with the rent.

Now, a must add component to this could be the Insurance. It is advisable not to go for a heavy insurance package which promises on providing an end to end coverage for any accidents. They also assure that you won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket. But going for this kind of a package isn’t a necessity unless you are planning to hit the road hard. This will save you quite a few bucks.

Next comes the Sat Nav, renting a Satellite Navigation system is a bad idea. Say suppose a GPS system costs you 90$, these guys will rent you the same product for 6$ to $20 per day,so practically it’s best to buy one for yourself and carry it along. Same goes for a child seat which is available for 8-12$ on an average. This goes out for rent at 30$ and perhaps more.

The other major additions come in terms of Airport pickup and drop, a driver and may be a guide. This is a known fact with renting a car that whenever the distance is within the city limits no extra charges incur, but if the destination is in the suburbs or covers two states and may be even two countries, the costs are huge. Best thing to do is to plan your route accordingly.There are many shady charges in terms of registration fees and cross-border fees. If you are travelling during fall some impose Winterization fees. Above all there is the Credit Card charge.

  1. Understanding the Insurance Scheme

It remains a fact that, the after sales personnel tries best to convince you of the insurance policy. But these policies are of no good use. CDW/Theft is what is usually a necessity, but as it happens most credit cards today provide this insurance in a basic form. It’s a much better choice to go with the credit card insurance. The insurance sold by rental companies can cost you between 10$ to 40$ a day.

  1. Choosing your Transmission System

If you are acquainted with manual transmission then you sure can save a percentage amount. But if its automatic that touches you then you have to pay extra fees. So, it’s better that you learn to drive a manual gear shift automobile.

  1. Carry Proof of Age and Driving License

If you are to Rent a car in Europe then you have to go by the age bar which in most of the European countries vary from 19-24. The best practice would be to carry age proof when travelling if you are planning to drive.

The other requisite is of IDP or International Driving Permit which can be issued for about 15 USD from AAA or NAC.

  1. Plan on Winterization Charge

If it is Europe you are visiting then the known fact is the use of Winter regulated tyres. These tyres are charged extra at many of the auto rental agencies. Thus as you decide on to travel Europe between the months of Nov-March you must calculate this as the extra charge of about 40 euros.

  1. Rent or Lease

If it is the rent or lease paradox you are trying to solve, then I am afraid that is a choice based on the tour itinerary. If it is more than a week of stay then it’s best to go for a weekly rental than on per day basis. Maybe, you just need a one day car rental

  1. Category of Vehicles to Choose From

There are vivid range of cars that are present with the agencies. There are the compact cars like VW Golf, Opel Astra and Audi A3 and then there are the full sized Sedans.

  1. Improper Online Booking

Online bookings can be erroneous, and lead to wrong allotment of cars. But remember: you can always amend your booking and have the money back with just one click.

Speaking about errors: mostly in case you are not able to drive a manual transmission car, you might drop deep down in trouble. This is because there are a selective few models having automatic transmission and if those cars are out for rent then you are out of luck. Thus it’s best to plan your trip in advance and book online your reservations to get the best deals.

  1. Educate Yourself

Before you land your feet on the land and rent a car in Europe, it is necessary that you learn about the traffic rules there (read also: Not following the road signs and using unsalted space for parking may catch you up with heavy penalties which will incur in the additional bills from rental agents.

  1. Pick and Drop etiquettes

There are a set of standardized norms which when followed lets you have the best experience whenyou rent a car in Europe. When you receive the car, please check whether or not it is cleaned properly. Hygiene is a must. Then the issue comes as to how you can keep a note on the issue of the car at the time of allotment. Of course a set of pictures on your smartphone can suffice the job. If you find anything severe it is advisory that you just report it with the agent. The same set of rules need to be followed as you return the car. This can avoid a confusionand may lead to a penalty being raised on your name.

Thus summarizing on the events, you should get a reliable auto rental agency and strike a basic deal with them. Pick up the car, and use it to your will. Keep a note of every simple refill to the car and each parking zone. Make it a point to check before and after you park the car.

Properly check on the mirrors and the lock before leaving the car. Hold a copy of the contract with yourself at all times. Try to make payments in local currency and not dollars. When returning the car you check all the groove and pockets. Following these simple tips can solve the problems that you may face in the future.

Do you know more tips for rent a car in Europe or wherever you are?

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