Rent a car in Palma de Maiorca

rent a car palma de maiorca
Photo: Farid Askerov on Unsplash

If you’re visiting Palma de Maiorca and need to rent a car, you’re in luck! 

Renting a car in Palma de Maiorca is easy and can make your vacation a breeze. The rental process is straightforward, as there are several car rental companies located near Palma Airport (read our guide about how to rent a car at the airport). 

The companies in Palma are both local and international, so you can choose what is fitting best for you.

So with a little bit of research and planning, you’ll be able to find the perfect car for your needs, and make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

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What to remember when you rent a car in Palma de Maiorca

As we just said, there are a number of car rental companies in the area that offer competitive prices, so you can be sure to find the best deal based on your preferences.

But first, let’s remember a few things. 

When booking a car, it’s important to consider:

  • the type of vehicle you need;
  • the length of your rental;
  • the size of your group;
  • how are you reaching Palma de Maiorca: by plane, maybe?

If you are arriving by plane, of course it’s better for you to rent a car at the Airport; it depends also on where you are going to stay (in Palma or in different parts of the island?).

Smaller cars are ideal for this little island, but also for couples or small families; while larger cars are great for larger groups or if you’re planning on taking daily road trips from Palma de Maiorca to each beaches. 

Renting a car in Palma de Maiorca: the insurance coverage 

It’s also important to consider the insurance coverage you’ll need for your rental car. Most companies offer liability insurance, which is a must if you plan to drive. 

Anyway, you may also want to consider getting additional coverage, such as roadside assistance or a collision damage waiver. 

Our suggestion for Palma: do not add an extra coverage, the island is well linked by main and secondary roads, and the road conditions are ok.

Whatever you decide, take time to weigh all the options and read our articles about rental car insurance. 

Rental Cars in Palma de Maiorca – The terms and conditions 

Another advice is to compare the terms and conditions of each company. 

Make sure you understand the company’s cancellation and refund policies in case you need to change or cancel your reservation.

A very important fact to underline when choosing to rent a car is the fuel policy: full/full means that the car will be delivered with a full tank and will be returned with a full tank, while with a full/empty tank you can, indeed you will have to, finish all the gas. 

The catch in this case is that you will be charged an initial refueling cost and fuel, at a much higher cost than normal petrol pumps. 

It is also necessary to pay attention to the credit card: it must be in the name of the driver, or in any case of a participant in the trip, and not of third parties who stay at home. 

Which companies rent cars in Palma de Maiorca

In Palma de Maiorca you can find these rental cars companies: Hertz, Avis, Europcar, Budget, Thrifty, Dollar.

These are just some of the international car rental companies present in Mallorca, while local companies include Centauro Rent a Car, Drivalia, Hiper Rent a Car, Flizzr and the famous Spanish rent company Goldcar. 

The perks of renting a car in Palma de Maiorca 

Once you have your rental car, you can take advantage of all that Palma de Maiorca has to offer. With a rental car, you’ll have the freedom to explore the city at your own pace.

Drive to the beautiful beaches of Cala Major and Cala Estancia, take a scenic drive to the old town of Palma and explore the historic buildings and museums. Or, head out of the city and explore the stunning countryside. 

Driving rules and regulations can vary from country to country, and driving in Palma de Maiorca can be a little hectic, so be sure to stay alert and obey all traffic laws. 

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We hope this guide has answered your questions on how to rent a car in Palma de Maiorca. If not, we are always here to help!