Rent a car in London Heathrow: tips and… deals!

rent a car in heathrow londonThe Holidays are right around the corner and some of us will be traveling to the United States and others are landing at Heathrow Airport in London. But in order to get around and have a great time you will want to find the best deals to rent a car in London Heathrow.

When deciding to rent a car in Europe it’s important to look online and decide what kind of car you would like, where to rent from and how long you will be wanting to rent a car in the main London Airport. Don’t forget, while you might be accustomed to vacations, Europe is different and when looking to rent a car in Heathrow London, versus looking a car in California, you will find major differences.

Choosing that Rental & Your Journey

Have you noticed how in this day and age many of us begin our search for the perfect rental car on travel-booking sites like Kayak, AAA, Skyscanner Rental and Expedia? These are the perfect channels to use when searching anything. Using these channels will help you get the best deals possible and shopping around online has never been easier, BUT it’s better to go to the renting specialist, like rentalcars.com or economycarrentals.com, for example.

london heathrow airport mapWhen shopping for a rental car online, don’t just compare the first price quotes. You should look at the company as a full entity and think about if what they have to offer has the best rates for you, especially, when searching to rent a car in particular places like Airports.

Remember to consider your family and what type of vacation you are on, will you be needing a big car or a little car? Do you prefer something wider, such as trucks? All these questions are important when making sure you rent the perfect car for your vacation.

But remember to expect many differences between the “American” rental and what you will have to choose between in Europe (their cars sometimes have less room for passengers and there’s not much trunk space).

Money Saving Tips

And when renting a car in London there are always ways to save money, including:

  • Forget the brand name vehicles. The truth is brand names don’t really matter, not on vacation (and sometimes not even in real life). If you can look to some minor european makes and models, you can save some money when renting a car.
  • The Internet is your best friend. There are virtual discounts everywhere online. Search for the discounts you want on coupon sites like “Promotionalcodes.com,” have been helpful when booking a rental car.
  • European cars are usually rented in 24-hour duration of time, so make your plan: think about selecting precisely your pickup and drop-off times: if you pick up the vehicle at 9 am. on the 1st day and drop it off at 11.30 am on the last day, you’ll pay an entire day’s tariff for just those 2 hours and half.
  • Prepaying can help you take advantage of discounts. You can save up to 30% if you prepay online, having also the .

Choosing Pick-up / Drop-off Location and Time

Have you ever been on that vacation where you picked your car up in the middle of the city or straight from the Airport? It probably wasn’t the best experience because you’re not used to the roads or area. Try picking up your rental car from a location that’s further from major cities and locations.

If you are looking to rent a car in London Heathrow (here’s the Airport Guide), then it might beneficial for you to look at a rental location that isn’t close to the busier part of London. It creates a slower and more comfortable feel for the start to your vacation. This way you don’t have to rush and you have time to look at your GPS location and find your hotel.

Taking things slower can make the start of your vacation easier to handle, especially, after spending all that time looking to rent a car in Heathrow London (and it’s a good life philosophy too!). It can be a challenge. And if you don’t choose wisely, it can also cost you a pretty penny. And I’m sure you would rather use the extra money on your vacation.

Secrets to renting a car in Heathrow London

  • Be patient. Finding the best car deals can take time and if you are planning a vacation on a budget, then it’s important to be patient until you find what you are looking for, you’ll be on your vacation soon enough and all this compare and contrasting will be worth the wait.
  • Shop on the Internet. It’s been said a million times, the internet has some of the best prices you can find. Plus, it’s easier to compare companies when you have all their information at the tip of your fingers.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. If you want a discount, then just look for it: did you know frequent flier programs sometimes offer some of the best discounts? Two of the most popular memberships are AARP and AAA.
  • Time that reservation. Did you know that by reserving early, you’re able to lock the rate you found at? Just make sure to ask questions and see how much money you will be saving by getting your car reserved and rented early.
  • Europe is different, expect a different culture and way of service and different types of discounts.
  • Always notice the difference in currencies.


Renting a car in the super busy Heathrow London has never been easier, especially, since the birth of the internet. Are you and your family ready for your next vacation? Do you feel like you’re prepared to save money when looking to rent a car in Heathrow London?