The Pros and Cons of Renting Cars with an Automatic Gear

The Pros and Cons of Renting Cars with an Automatic GearWhen considering a rental car for business or pleasure, one might weigh out what their needs and wants are, when seeking the right rental vehicle. One thing a person might consider is whether or not to choose a manual or automatic rental car. Some people are used to driving vehicles that are manual transmission while some people have never even driven stick shift vehicles.

Instead, many people often prefer an automatic car hire because they are the easiest to drive. However, when considering rental cars, it is not uncommon, especially in different countries, for manual transmission to be the standard. This is why when you are looking for an automatic car hire, you will need to make sure that the car rental company that you choose has an automatic rental car that is the size that you need and want to drive.

Sometimes there are additional costs for companies who offer automatic rental car vehicles. It really depends on the company that you are dealing with. Often when you make the reservation, you need to be prepared to choose an automatic rental car or otherwise you might have a manual rental car chosen for you by default.

If you have never driven a stick shift transmission car before, this can make your rental car experience a bad one simply because you cannot drive it. Also, there are many times that there are additional drivers added to share the driving responsibilities. In this case, if you have another driver that is going to help you drive while you are the primary driver, you need to make sure whether or not the person prefers a manual or an automatic car hire.

united-states-of-america-usaOne thing about car rentals is that manual transmission cars are considered standard. However, in the car industry, particularly in the United States, automatic gear cars are becoming the standard because many people do not learn how to drive stick shift vehicles. For some people, it is hard to drive a manual car because of having to use both feet to drive to control not just the brakes and accelerator pedals, but also the clutch. Using a manual rental car to try to learn how to drive a stick shift is not advisable!

However, there are still pros and cons to an automatic rental car. As stated, some car agencies might charge more for automatic transmission vehicles for you to rent. You have to make it very clear that you want an automatic when making your reservation online. To truly understand the pros and cons of an automatic rental car, you first need to understand the pros and cons of a car with an automatic transmission. Price, at that point, may just be secondary, especially if you do not know how to drive a manual transmission car.

[Anyway, pricing is still central: take a look at the cheaper prices!]

Pros and Cons of a Car with an Automatic Transmission

One of the things about a car with an automatic transmission is that it uses fluid to transfer power to the car’s drive train. A standard stick shift transmission is more powerful because of this. Many automatic transmission also do not have a variety of gear options for you to shift in which is a con in comparison to a stick shift. This also allows for a car to select the optimum engine range for RPMs.

These can be used in various driving situations when you might be doing highway driving or driving in the city or even sitting idle in traffic. Automatic cars do not automatically disengage from these gears when they come to a stop. This causes for more wear and tear on brakes faster. This could be one of the reasons why automatic rental car options are higher because they likely need their brakes worked on or replaced more often.

gas-64Also, more fuel is consumed by an automatic rental car. This means that you can travel less distance on a full tank of gas than you can with a manual transmission rental car. If expense of gasoline is a major factor in choosing a car, a manual transmission car may be more feasible because of its consumption of gasoline fuel.

Pay attention – Automatic rental cars usually consume more fuel

The pros about automatic rental car options are that they are much easier to operate, start and stop in traffic, and for those with physical limitations when it comes to driving. The reaction time when driving a manual transmission or the slip of the foot off of the clutch accidentally to hit the brakes or the accelerator can be detrimental. The clutch is just an additional thing to think about when driving. In heavy traffic, if you are not used to driving a manual transmission vehicle, this can be a major con against stick shift vehicles.

Unfortunately, automobiles with automatic gear are more uncommon in foreign countries. However, they are becoming more common as automatic rental car options because more people are choosing them. For rental companies, this may also be more beneficial. In the long run, the fees might be worth it. Crashing a car because you are driving a manual rental car in an unknown area while concentrating on driving is a lot to think about when considering your rental car.

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