Pricing a Rental Car for Your Next Business or Leisure Trip

Pricing a Rental Car for Your Next Business or Leisure TripWhen you go on a holiday or go away for business or even have a broken down car that requires you to have a rental car, you may want to consider the cost of a rental car. The average cost of a rental car can vary depending on where the location is that you are traveling to or the rental station area. To rent a car is an easy way to get around while on a business trip or on vacation. It provides much more freedom than relying on public transportation that have certain schedules and routes. This allows you to get the most out of your trip by renting a car.

As you realize, the cost of living is high in some parts of the world and lower on other parts of the globe. Oftentimes the average price of a rental care is reflective on the local economy. However, when it comes to major companies that are rental car moguls in the industry, they generally have the average cost of a rental car all figured out based on the type of car you need and the make and model. One might mostly consider that the average cost of a rental car is dependent on the class of the rental cars. These cars are typically categorized as luxury, standard, intermediate, or economy. These can best suit your budget and needs. Take note that the average cost of a rental car can also be lowered if you receive quotes based on weekly rates as opposed to daily rates and sometimes you might also be offered promotional coupon codes in order to keep the cost of renting a car down when you reserve it online.

Economy Rental Cars

An economy car is also considered a compact class of rental cars. They are generally the least expensive. The prices of this type of car depends on the average cost of a rental car of this size at the time. For the most part, this style of car is typically pretty small and can usually fit about two children and two adults comfortably. However, if you have a lot of luggage, you should know that this is not recommended for your needs. While it is good on your budget, it will not work for you.

In other countries, these economy cars have even less space for passengers and to have a large trunk is almost completely unheard of though it depends on the average cars for the area too. These types of cars are generally the least expensive and are compact makes. Rarely do they ever come with extra options such as a GPS navigation system. An option for an economy car might be something like a Chevrolet Aveo, a Toyota Escort, a Kia Rio, or a Hyundai Accent.

Intermediate Rental Cars

Often called mid-size rental cars, these intermediate classes of cars are among the most common a renter might choose. These are a bit of an upgrade from compact cars and are a little bit pricier but they are much roomier.

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While it can still comfortably fit two children and two adults, the extra space is generally in the trunk. These cars can fit more luggage than the smaller compact cars. Examples of these sizes of cars are similar to the Toyota Corolla or a Ford Fusion.

Standard Rental Cars

Standard sized cars are not that much more costly to rent than intermediate classes of cars. A standard car is one of the most highly rented cars due to its size, maneuverability, and price to rent. The average cost of a rental car this size is about $50 to $75 a day.

These sizes of cars have big enough back seats to accommodate children or adults so this allows more room for adult passengers plus luggage. The trunks of standard cars are much larger which are perfect for travelers. The most common size cars in this vehicle class of rental cars include coupes and sedans. Common standard cars for rent include cars such as the Nissan Altima Coupe, the Chevy Impala, or a Dodge Charger.

Luxury Rental Cars

Luxury cars are typically the most expensive types of premium cars in the car rental industry. Depending on the type of vehicle, luxury rental cars can vary dramatically depending on the make and model. There really is no way to gauge the average cost of a rental car when it is a luxury vehicle but typically the price is around $80 per day but it can be much more.

Other types of Rental Cars

Do not forget that there are other vehicles that you might consider. There are also two-seater convertibles, minivans, passenger vans, and sport utility vehicles. Depending on the market and the location of where you choose to pick up your rental will result in determining the average cost of a rental car. Major car rental agencies often have competitive pricing and have their own set of prices in order to help determine the average cost of a rental car for customers. There are also options that are hybrids and some that are fuel efficient environmentally friendly options too.

Some other factors that also play into determining the average cost of a rental car are the extras that you want with it. Sometimes cars are manual transmission so when you go to reserve a car, they will be cheaper on average when compared to those with an automatic transmission. While most cars these days are commonly automatic, when choosing a rental car in a foreign country, do not be surprised if their standard transmission is a manual stick shift version.

The average cost of a rental car will go up when you choose an automatic simply because there is more wear and tear on their breaks, they are not as fuel efficient, and they are becoming in higher demand so car rental companies can put their top dollar rental price on them.

Do not forget that any time that you choose an online search, you will always find some of the best deals that might be actually lower than the average cost of a rental car.

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