Planning for your Canada Road Trip

planning your canada road trip rental carFor your Canada road trip, it’s better to rent a car so that you do not have to wear and tear down your own vehicle when traversing long stretches of tarmac from one interesting city or place to the next. The process of procuring a rental car is not complicated or full of potholes if you know how to navigate the murky waters of car rental facilities. The good news is that with tools such as the internet and smartphones, you will be able to know most of the tips and tricks needed to get the best deal in a matter of minutes.

For example, it is always important to do your due diligence on the company that you will approach for a holiday car hire. There are numerous online aggregator sites that will list all the best deals that you can possibly get from numerous car hiring businesses in your area. This will allow you to save more dollars in your pocket. You can then use this money to do more while on your tour of Canada. It is also important to ensure that you read the fine print of any contract that you will be required to sign. This will prevent you from encountering any difficulties or getting involved in controversy at the end of your Canada road trip.

After finalizing with the preparations, the next step will be to map out the places and cities in Canada that you will want to visit on your road trip. The good news here is that you can quickly list all the iconic cities and places in Canada that would make your road trip a memorable trip to remember for ages. The following are some of the cities and places that you should put in your Canada road trip bucket list:

1) Calgary

Calgary is strategically located between the famous Canadian prairies and the Canadian Rockies. It is the largest city in Alberta. As one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, it is a unique city to visit and as such deserves a spot in your bucket list. The Calgary Stampede is a world famous rodeo event that attracts thousands of people each year. This is something that you could take part in as well.

2) Ottawa

Ottawa is the seat of government in the country. As the capital city, it is a hub and center for many integral activities in the country. There are many financial, commercial and political establishments in the city that make for a very scenic tour of urban life in the 21st center.

Of particular note is the Rideau Canal that passes through the center of the city. this canal is worthy of note due to the fact that during the winter it freezes over and forms what could be called the world’s largest ice skating ring. As such, if you are interested in brushing up on your ice skating skills, a visit to Ottawa in the winter may be just what you need.

3) Whistler

Whistler happens to be the largest ski resort that you will find in North America. If you are not up to a transatlantic flight to the Alps of Switzerland, then you are better off jumping into your car rental and driving to the Whistler resort. Whistler is located between two iconic mountains and is only a couple of hours away from Vancouver.

You will drive on the Sea to Sky Highway, which has plenty of iconic, natural scenery for you to devour and savor with your eyes. There is a peak to peak gondola that will transport you from the warm villages at the base of the mountains bounding Whistler to the Alps where you can show your skiing prowess to the rest of your friends and loved ones.

4) Vancouver Island

A trip to the largest island on the west coast in North America is something that should feature prominently in your bucket list. You will then be able to tour the city of Victoria, as well as visiting the Butchart Gardens and the surf town of Tofino. If you have ever wished of surfing in Canada, then this is your chance to make your wish come true in a spectacular fashion.

5) Quebec City

Quebec City offers you the opportunity to experience a European lifestyle in the confines of North American. This is due to the fact that Quebec is the bastion of French history, heritage and architecture in Canada. You will feel as if you have flown thousands of miles across the Atlantic to France.

The amazing Chateau Frontenac hotel will give you a pleasurable shock due to its beauty and magnificence. It is no wonder that the hotel is arguably the most photographed hotel in North America. Other attractions like the Citadel and the Place-Royale will only serve to make you never want to leave Quebec.

6) Toronto

Toronto is the most populous city in the country. There is a lot of cultural diversity in the city, which makes it the best place to drive your car rental to if you want to sample all the different cultures that exist in Canada. Ethnic districts such as Chinatown, Little India and Little Italy will give you brief but lasting impressions of all the different ethnicities that are present in the city. It is also worth noting that the Toronto islands have many beaches and plenty of outdoor activities for having a little fun before resuming your road trip.

7) Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec. It is also a legacy of French heritage in Canada. It is interesting to note that Montreal has the largest French speaking community outside of Paris in the whole world. This just goes to show you how big the French influence is in the city.

There are theme and water parks in the city that will satiate your appetite for some family themed fun and activities. There are also historic buildings and downtown skyscrapers that will pique the curiosity and interest of those with a penchant for architecture.

8) Niagara Falls

You should not leave Canada or put a stop to your road trip without visiting and observing the awe inspiring Niagara Falls. The Queen Victoria Park is one of the best places to take in the beautiful scenery. This is due to the fact that in the park, the Falls are illuminated and at certain times during the summer, fireworks will be displayed at night. This could be a very romantic setting for you to bond with your loved one during your road trip.

9) Vancouver

Vancouver should be the last stop in your road trip, making it the climax of a great journey across the country in a car rental. This is mainly because you will be able to swim in the ocean, snow ski in the mountains and even have some fun on your rollerblade in the city’s scenic parks.

Vancouver is specially modified and designed to cater to the playful nature of human beings, making it one of the perfect destinations for tourists in the country. The food market in Granville Island and the vast array of shops will also present you with a good opportunity to buy some souvenirs to take home to friends and family after you have returned your rental car.

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