One Way Car Rental

one way car rentalWhen you drop a rental car at a different location than where you picked it up is a One Way Car Rental (different from “one day car rental“). A one way car hire can be very convenient, but also quite expensive compared to regular to the base rates. Yet, sometimes, the initial flat fee of the one way rental car is more expensive as it compares to the initial location. However, there are methods to lower the rates, by utilizing some comparison shopping and using some tricks that can be explained.

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One Way Car Rental: some tricks to save money

First, it is helpful to look around at other companies. Even though a car rental company is charging a $250 fee for dropping off your rental car from point A to point B on a one way trip, it does not mean that all car rental companies will have that same policy. Sometimes small budget car rental companies may have much cheaper drop off fees and if you are lucky, sometimes none at all.  This policy varies in comparison to bigger car rental agencies though.

Also when considering a one way car rental, do not forget about the possibility of potential discounts that could help you save on your car costs. The use of discount codes or coupon codes can affect your car rental rate. There have been some discounts used by car rental users that have used coupon promotions that can completely cut the cost of their rental completely in half or even more savings. Numerous times, the coupon codes could even eliminate the fee of a one way car hire drop off or cut the rate down by more than half price.

Some car rental agencies also offer special discounts specifically for one way car hires. For instance, many offer rates from point A to point B for a minimal fee of $1 per day. Many rental car agencies may also consider offers to their customers for special discounts for use in a certain city or at an Airport, which will lighten the financial burden of taking a taxi. You can use online resources to find some of these codes to help eliminate some of the costs on a one way car hire.

Vacation or Relocation?

Many might wonder why it would be advantageous to even utilize one way car hire and would want to go to point A to point B without ever returning back to point A or having another point C to drop their rental car off at.  There are many reasons that travelers and residents would even want to book a one way car rental. One reason might be that people are moving to a completely new area.

They may have a lot of items to pack up and move and only have one vehicle or perhaps they have sold their vehicle and are going to purchase a new one once they get to their location. That way, they will not be returning to their original point where they first got their one way car hire so they will not be returning the car there either.

Another reason might be that people have chosen to spring for a road trip and want to put miles on a rental car rather than their own so to save it from wear and tear. Once they have hit their destination, they then might choose to fly home instead of driving back in order to save time.

That is a good reason for a one way car hire and is a great way to see various parts of the world. It is also a great option for cross country traveling in order to book a one way car rental. Oftentimes, people might also find that a last minute flight is way too costly and have opted instead to drive the distance.

They may not have a car of their own or they may fly back home instead.  Sometimes people might wait until the last minute to purchase an airplane flight ticket but have found that is cheaper for a one way car hire than it is to fly back home.

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