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hire a car in italy

Hire a Car in Italy: few tips to enjoy your italian road trip

Italy is a very beautiful country which you must for sure visit at least one time in your lifetime. The country has various great destinations and fantastic monuments that would surely enjoy your senses. If you really want to explore the cities and the countrysides then the best option for you would be hire a car in Italy, because of the morphology of  the Italian territory, which doesn’t give so many opportunities in terms of public transports. We have written many…

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Car Rental in Italy To Slovenia and Croatia

Car Rental in Italy To Slovenia and Croatia

If you are looking for car rental in Italy to Slovenia and Croatia (or other countries of Balkan area) you can take one by Venice Airport or Treviso Airport, for example. However there are other eays solutions to rent a car to Croatia or Slovenia from Italy: you could take train to Trieste or Udine (close to Venice) and then take bus to Koper (the closest city with Italian border) and a slovenian car rental company will be there for you with the…

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how to evaluate a car hire company

How to evaluate a Car Hire Company

Some days ago Fleetblog published an interesting post about how to evaluate a proposal for a long term rental. The article recalls how, as well as the car loan and the fees charged, you have to evaluate several important notes services that “make the difference” between a supplier and another, such as maintenance ancillary services, administrative practices, insurance and management of any damage, the replacement car, the availability of a call center, up to the number of included tyres. Our regular readers…

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How to save money with car rentals?

How to save money with car rentals? Well, it’s a topic “most searched”, with a lot of variables to consider. Today we are going to find the best way to save money on a rental car. [We wrote tons of articles about it – read more here:] Best ways to save money on a rental car – some tips to remember First of all, surely best way about how to save money with car rentals is looking around internet, web sites,…

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Rental car price per day and other things to know

Are you looking for “rental car price per day“? Well, calm down, there are a lot of elements to know when it’s about the costs of rental cars. Rental car price per day: average costs and variables When it’s about rental cars, your first thought – of course – is the price. It is normally calculated by number of days. Usually  more days you take, the less you pay for a day. Usually, for a week you are going to pay…

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How to save money on renting a car | cheap rental cars

On magazines and websites you can find a lot of suggests about how to save money on renting a car. Among the suggestions offered for saving money with rental cars,  you can read  those that suggest you how to rent cars for your holiday optimizing costs. Here are our six points that can help you in choosing a good renter and saving money too with car hire companies! [Read all our tips about saving money with rental cars companies!]   How to…

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Renting car and tyres: few rules to follow

It often happens that you contact a car rental company, providing the desired car for a few hours or for long vacations. Very often, however, the choice of car is based only on price considered more or less suitable. How many times, however, when you are renting a car, you get informations about the maintenance and checks carried out on summer tires? The verification of the use of tyres, pressure, balance of wheels, together with the use of the tires…

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How to consider a proposal for a long term rental

The fleet manager or who has to evaluate and optimize a company’s fleet or just a proposal for a long term rental often does not possess all the knowledge that would be required to move safely between the different proposals. Often those who have responsibility for this difficult task makes another “job”: the purchasing manager, or general services, or production, or staff, or other. What are the elements that the fleet manager should list and assess, when is preparing to ask…

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The right way to Rent a Car

Which is the right way to rent a car? The playlist maybe is the first important decision you need to make before you leave for an holiday. Once you’ve settled on some jams, you’re going to need a way to get around. The right way to rent a car: where to pick-up your car, when to book and which services to choice Renting a car means making a series of choices such as comparing costs, buying insurance, even fueling up…

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Top rental car tips to save money and travel with no stress

People rented cars not only for the purpose of vacation transportation. These days, things have changed. Airport rentals have historically been the main revenue driver, but that segment has remained virtually flat over the past decade and a half; the industry’s growth is due almost entirely to the explosion of the renting from a neighborhood location. People are wiser when renting a vehicle, that’s why today we are going to underline some rental car tips to save money and travel…

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