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Are you planning a trip? If you are considering to rent a car (for leisure or business, whatever), you might have some little questions about it: how to save money; how to rent a car online; which are the age limits and the general restrictions; is it wise to rent a car at the airport; etc…

We have collected here the most popular questions people could have when renting a car. Feel free to contact us and share with us more questions!

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Other Frequently Asked Questions about Car Rentals – Hope they can help you!

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New FAQ about Car Rentals plus some common Q&A summarized as follow.

What types of cars can i rent?

If you decide to rent a car for your holiday or business trip, you’ll find many opportunities. A compact, mini van, a cargo van, a Suv (in turn: standard, mid size, full size). Many agencies and web sites include detailed descriptions of each car type and the right number of passengers and of luggage each car can afford. Rental car companies have a lots of makes and models for each car type, so no one can know the specific make or model you will receive at the moment you are renting a car. It is recommended check and book your car on time, so that you can have more choice and also save your wallet. If you have special needs, such as having a smoking car, check it with your rental agency before booking the car.

Can I place an online request if I am not a U.S. resident?

If you are in U.S. and you aren’t an american citizen, you have to present a valid international driver’s license and a credit or debit card with his/her name to rent a car, when coming at the rental counter: most U.S. rental car companies accept international credit cards.

Driver Information

All drivers have to present a valid driver’s license to rent a car and each driver’s age will be verified at the rental office.

What I need to bring when I pick up my rental car?

You should have the following stuff with you when you come to take your rental car:

  • A valid U.S. driver’s license if you are an American citizen or a valid international driver’s license from your country of residence. You’ll need to present it at the rental office. For international reservations, you have to give your passport too.
  • Your Rental Car Itinerary if you did booking on websites. Just visit the homepage and click on the reservations section of our website. Enter your Rental Number and the email address you used to write for your request. If you bought a Collision Damage Coverage with your rental car booking, please insert it on your itinerary and bring it with you, in case they ask you to pay an insurance coverage.
  • A valid credit card with enough available amount to cover the amount of the refundable security deposit. The amount for the security deposit is different for each rental car company and depends on car type, rental period, and special equipments accepted. Some rental car companies also accept debit cards. Please note that the driver will not be allowed to use a pre-paid card or leave a cash deposit. A different credit card in the driver’s name may be used at the rental office. The credit card must has right amount to cover the refundable security deposit. Debit cards will not be accepted as a form of payment for the refundable security deposit.

How do I add a driver to my rental car reservation?

You can add a driver to your rental car reservation at the rental office. There could ask you charge for each additional driver which will be payable to the rental car company. With the additional driver, the first driver on the booking has to come at the office to take the car and add the additional driver to the rental deal.

Can a book a same-day rental car reservation?

You can book a same day rental car reservation in general 30 minutes before of your pick-up time. Many car rental companies provide you with all the available options and offers based on the details of your trip and needs, on their web sites too.

Can I book a one way rental?

Yes, you can book a rental car with “one way rental”. A one-way rental is one where you drop the car off at a different rental office than where you picked it up. One way rentals are available between two airports or between an airport and an off-airport location. In general one way rental could be more expensive also if more comfortable; one-way rentals can be one of the most convenient ways of planning your travel, but they can also be very costly. Sometimes hefty “drop fees” are tacked onto to the base rental rate, which can inflate your total cost significantly. Other times, the base rate is over-inflated as compares with a standard rental where you pick up and drop off at the same location.

There are however ways to reduce that sting, by some smart shopping and using a few tricks of the trade. First off, it pays to shop around: sometimes the smaller budget companies will have much lower drop fees (or none at all) as compared with the bigger companies one. Use a comparison site, for example, that can compare rates across multiple companies. Next, don’t forget about discounts. The application of a discount code or coupon to your rental can have an important effect on your rate. Sometimes these discount or coupon codes will actually waive the one-way fee entirely.

How long can I rent a car?

You can take a car in renting for a maximum of 10 months (but it depends on different companies and countries)

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

First of all, everywhere all drivers will be required to present a valid driver’s license in order to rent a vehicle and each driver’s age will be checked. If the driver’s age isn’t clear during the booking process, the driver could be subject to pay underage fees at the rental counter or denied rental. In this case car rental companies refuses any responsability for rental car cancellations. Young drivers have to have a minimum age set by the individual rental company, which generally also requires the possession of a driving license for at least a year. Besides drivers will mostly be settled for drive a car like the Mini Basic category, the economy or compact, as the age limit can get up when you want to rent your car choosing a superior or deluxe category. In addition, for the beginners in most cases in the age group between 21 and 24 years old is usually provided a daily surcharge, the amount of which is fixed by the car rental company where they took the car and, therefore, it is to be paid there directly by rental company. Also, do not forget that the driver, in order to pick up the car, will have to pay a deposit by presenting a credit card.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Most rental car companies accept all major credit cards but if you want pay with a debit card, you have to check this on advance. The credit card used at booking must be presented at the rental counter to validate the reservation. However, you can use a credit card with a different name on it. The credit card must have amount to cover the refundable security deposit. It could happen that for all other reservations, debit cards branded with the Visa or MasterCard logo are also accepted as a forms of payment: remember that the form of payment cannot be changed when the purchase is complete.

You do not have to present the same card to the rental office that you entered into our website when making the reservation. If you plan to use a debit card when picking up your vehicle, you may be required to give trip flight informations. In any case, with a credit or debit card, you must have enough available funds on the card for the security deposit on the car. The amount for the security deposit isn´t same for each rental car company. Some rental companies don’t accept pre paid cards.

Can I make a reservation for someone else?

You can book a rental car for someone else entering the driver’s full name and age into those field during booking. The driver has to meet the following requirements: he/she has a valid driver’s license issued in his or her full name. For other countries citizens is required a valid international driver’s license from his/her home country, and also a passport may be required. The driver has a valid credit card with available amounts for the security deposit.

Most locations also accept debit cards, check it in advance. Each car rental company ask for a different amount for the security depositand it also depends upon car type, rental period, and other items. Of course, the driver hast to meet the minimum age required, and about this above you can read some tips and informations. For every rental deal, the driver accepts all of the terms and conditions and the driver will be denied rental if all mentioned criteria are not met.

Can I rent cars in international locations?

You can rent a car in many international locations, from Europe to Africa and Asia: wherever! On rental companies web sites and in online aggregators you can just type the name of the city or Airport you are traveling to in the search fields to get all usefull informations you need.

What is a rental car day?

Rental days are about a rental car day for 24-hour clock. In order to avoid being charged for a day more, you will need to enter the same pick up and drop off time. If you return your car later than the fixed drop-off date and time, you could be be charged for additional rental hours or days (your rental car company decides the amounts).

When will I be charged for my rental car?

For some reservations your method of payment will be taken at the time of reservation. For other reservations, you will be charged at the time of booking for only a part of the total amount, and the other taxes and fees of the reservation will be charged at the office by the rental car company. Some web sites will give you with an estimate of what the rental car company will ask to pay when you take a car. This estimate includes an estimate of taxes, fees, and surcharges that may apply to your transaction at the time of reservation. If you have any questions about what you’ve been charged or questions about optional items ask directly to the rental company.

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What taxes, fees, and surcharges will i have to pay?

Car Hire Companies give you the information about how much you will pay for taxes and fees during the online booking. For reservations that are pre-paid in full, the rental car company will not charge additional taxes and fees. For other kinds of reservations if you are charged just for a part of the total at the time of booking, the rest of taxes and fees of the reservation will be charged at the office of the rental car company.

Additional charges when renting a car

If you choose to add a special equipment or items by your rental car booking consider that charges for those items change for each rental Car company and additional taxes, fees, and surcharges could be apply. About fuel: gas charges are different for each by rental car company and also it is different for the location where you rent your car. Charges for fuel will be for sure specified on your rental deal and you are often required to sign them when you take your rental car.

If you want add a driver this will be like an additional fee to pay to the rental car company. Also in this case any charges for more drivers will be notified on your rental deal and you have to sign it when you pick up your rental car. Adding special equipments such as ski racks, prepaid toll passes, navigational item, etc. will be for sure an additional fees which change by the equipment you request and by the rental car company. Fees for those items are payable to the rental agency and charges for any optional equipment will be notified on your rental deal that you have to sign when you take your rental car. All the same rules are also valid for reserving infant, toddler and child seats.

Can I request special equipment on a rental car reservation?

Of course you can add the following special equipments when you are renting a car: different kind of Kid sets: Infant Car Seat, Toddler Car Seat, Booster Seat, each one is though for different weights of your children. You can also ask for Left-Hand Handicap Control and Right-Hand Handicap Control, Ski Rack and a usefull Navigation System. If you have already made a booking and would like to request a hand-controlled car, please call the rental car company directly 48 hours before your pick-up date.

They will try to give you an hand-controlled car but isn´t sure if it will available at the rental location you chose. Take on mind that these are only requests and that not all options are available for all locations. Additional costs may apply and your rental car company will charge your card at the rental office for all optional equipments that you asked for. Ask always to your rental company for fees, costs, and to know which items are available or not.


Upgrade options are not always available through websites, but you can be ask them to the rental car company directly when taking at the rental office. Upgrade charges will be spelled out by the rental company and will be payable directly to the rental office. Charges for upgrades will be notified out on your rental deal.

Where can I find my itinerary and invoice?

Usually, if you did all online just go to homepage and click on the reservations section of the same website. Enter your Rental Car Trip Number (a purchase code or an ID) and the email address you used to place your request, and your invoice and the itinerary will be available to you.

Can I make changes to my rental car reservation?

It depends upon what kind of booking you did. Pay now reservation cannot be changed. In general, you can search on the rental company website and check all the terms and conditions, too.

Can I pay for my rental with a debit card or a check card?

For all kind of reservations the card presented at the rent office must have first driver’s name and a valid form of payment for the rental car company. Most locations accept debit cards but rental companies have specialt requirements for customers who will only have a debit card when they take a car. Check the Acceptable Forms of Payment section of your rental policy. Some rental companies may accept a debit card to be used for the deposit at the rental office but may ask for additional restrictions. Some of those restrictions could include:

  • Minimum debit card hold requirements for security deposit
  • Proof of round trip travel
  • Local renter restrictions
  • Residency restrictions
  • Credit checks
  • Car class restrictions
  • Mileage restrictions
  • Geography/Boundary restrictions
  • Identity verification (utility bills (not past due) and most recent pay stub matching address on driver’s license)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Additional driver restrictions

Can I cancel my rental car reservation?

For Pay Now reservations, you can meet a cancellation fee if the reservation is deleted before you take the car. All cancellation requests must be made directly with the rental car company.

Will the rental car company perform a credit check?

The rental car company may perform a credit check to determine credit at the time of rental. Be sure to read the specific rental policies and rules during the request process. The rental company may also verify that you have enough amount to cover the security deposit. If they do authorize your card for the security deposit, they will release the hold or authorization when you get back your car. Remember that any amounts used for the security deposit cannot be accessed until after the car is getting back.

What if I am a local renter using a debit card?

If you are a local renter and you will be using a debit card at the rental office, you may have to give some other forms of identification, such as a recent utility bill or payment invoice. For more specific information check up your rental deal.

Can I pick up or drop-off my rental car early?

You can make changes to your online reservation if it is happening before picking up the car. If you pick up the rental car earlier and plan to get it back at the same reserved time, you may have additional charges from to the rental car company. You can also drop-off your rental car earlier, but possible refunds depend on rental companies (if you have pre-paid, you usually do not receive any refunds).

Can I extend my rental car reservation? (and how much does an extension cost?)

When you take your car you have a deal with the rental car company. In this rental agreement you’ll find the hourly and daily rates that will apply if you choose to extend your rental. Extra time will be charged to you by the rental company.

Can I drop my rental car off later than the established date?

If you need to get back your car later than you had booked, you should notify it to the rental office before picking up the car. Keep in mind that the rental car company will charge you for the additional time.

What if my flight does not go as scheduled?

Delayed or Cancelled and Rescheduled Flights:
If you are going to arrive late for a flight delay, cancellation or reschedule, contact your rental car company and your Airline Compnay for any form of refunds.

Cancelled/Not Rescheduled/Re-routed Flights:
If your flight is cancelled but not rescheduled, or re-routed to another airport, please call your rental car company or Airline Compnay as well.

Does my rental car come with insurance?

You may pay Collision Damage Coverage when doing a reservation on websites. The option to pay Collision Damage Coverage will be up to you on your contract page during the request process. It will also be available on your confirmation page after booking up until one hour before your pick-up time. Please also note that you may already have rental car insurance coverage: check your current car insurance policy to see if your coverage is also valid for rental car. Your homeowner or renter’s policy may cover personal property stored in a rental car. Check with your insurance provider for details.Remember, it is your responsibility to check what kind of insurance coverage you have.

What if I have questions about charges that appear on my rental agreement?

Your rental deal notify charges for all optional equipments (insurance, fuel, upgrades, extensions, ski-racks, additional drivers) you have to take at the rental counter, and you are required to sign them when you pick up your car. These charges are in addition to the cost of your rental, and you can pay them directly to the rental car company. If you have questions about these charges that your rental agreement doesn’t notify, you has to contact the rental car company. Be sure you inform them that you are asking for charges billed directly by rental car company.

What is Collision Damage Coverage?

Collision Damage Coverage is an optional coverage plan which you can pay during the reservation process or sometimes after the booking is confirmed. Some reservations may offer the option to add insurance to your reservation on your itinerary. Please remember that no payment is required for your rental car reservation until you take the car, Collision Damage Coverage is charged to your credit card at the time of booking your reservation, or when you add it to your existing reservation.

While the car is in your possession and is damaged due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail or flood, you are subject to pay a lesser amount for the total cost of car repairs, additional charges imposed by the rental car company, or the actual cash value of the car. Collision Damage Coverage takes effect at the time you take your reserved rental car. Coverage is only provided if the customer elected to pay it online and the required payment has been made. If for some reason the rental car is returned earlier than the scheduled return date, coverage ends when the rental car is returned to the original rental office and the remaining days of coverage are non-refundable.

When I cancel my rental car reservation, can I also cancel my Collision Damage Coverage?

Cancellations with total refund will be allowed for Collision Damage Coverage until your scheduled pick up time. If you choose to delete your reservation, a cancellation will be made for your rental car reservation and Collision Damage Coverage too.