Most common Rental Cars problems

most common rental cars problemsWith the Holidays coming right at you, most of you are wandering what you should do about it. I am sure many of you have already started planning an outing. A short tour with family and friends away from the daily hustle.

This is exactly when renting a car strikes one’s mind. Car rentals are the best options with one travelling distances. But it isn’t only when you go for Holidays that one needs to hire a car. Car Hiring Agencies have recorded a huge number of hiring cases on dates and also weddings.

Whichever reason the one common thing that comes along with it is the set of rent a car problems. It is imminent that one gathers some knowledge and spend some time in educating themselves with the set of do’s and don’ts when it comes to renting a car. Rental Cars Problems are growing much as the car rental industry is becoming a mammoth itself.

The car rental industry as of today happens to be a billion dollar one.The more the industry grows the greater stakes are there in the market. I bet there’s are loads of questionsclouding your mind right now. The most important one though is what are the problems one might face in hiring a car? The answer is you should better be prepared in packing your bags well as you are about to face quite a number of issues. Read alsotips for dealing with rental cars problems

Choose Wisely

There is a wide range to select from, so do your shopping with precision. Take your time, go through the internet, make some calls, check out with friends on their experiences and then finalize the deal. Read also: what should I look for when choosing a rental car andthe best time and places to rent a car“.

Minimal Prepayment

The most important thing is minimizing the prepayment. Pay only what needs to be put forth as a token. Don’t go for a full tank of gasoline right at the beginning of your journey. As it happens prepaid gasoline often comes packaged along with the ride.

But ask the question, is it worth the price. Are you really going to exhaust a full tank dry? That’s what should get you going with the choice.

Why are you Hiring a Car?

Well this question isn’t the problem, it’s the solution. The problem is figuring out what sort of a package are you looking for. This often depends on the type of trip you are planning. If it’s just a city tour, I suggest you get a basic package and don’t vouch for the insurance policies or the add-on packages.

Insurances are more useful when you go out in the wild with not much of protection and chances are there that the car might suffer some sort of damage. Making a wrong choice is like picking up an infection which in time will for sure lead on to issues. So it is essential to pick the right agency to avoid the most common rent a car problems.

Curb that Extra Tier

Most of us book cars through agencies and are not much aware of what exactly to do about it. The truth remains is not most of the agencies are equipped to serve you with all the makes and models or do they have they liberty to allot cars to hover around all over.

Herein comes the extra brokerage when theses agents you went on to actually break a deal with some other rental provider to get the job done. This being said it’s better to do your homework and get the best deal by cutting out on the needless redirections.

Get the Discount

There are travel organizations who get you those extra bit of discounts when you are cutting the deal. It is best to check across the websites right before you finalize on the bookings. Read also: it is cheaper to rent a car at the Airport or online ahead of time?

Carry a Sat-Nav

It is always better to carry one of your own satellite navigation systems rather than going with a rented one. The reason being the extra cost and also the dependability. A satnav that gives you that both of UK and Europe comes around for say £50-£60. Renting it will only add say half the cost of it, to it.

Baby’s Day Out

When it comes to your child its nothing but the best one wants. Hence the child seats are something we all carry to make our baby’s journey comfortable. Now, what we have here is a 8 dollar seat on sale at most stores being sold at 10 times the price. Yes you heard it right.

So the best thing to do here is to carry a seat of your own rather than going for a rental. Also, this way you can be at peace with the hygiene of the seat. Trust me, charging extra is most of these agencies do and this is one of the most complained rental car problems of all time.

Don’t Pay Excess

It is when you are about to strike the deal, you will get to find out there are so much more that the agents have to offer to you. Some of these are additional insurance packages that make the excess of the cost you need to pay on claiming your insurance just vanish into thin air, as they claim.

Ask yourself, is that even necessary?

Think positive, you might not even need the insurance in the first place. The only thing that you really need here is enough credit in your card so that the deposit money can be marked out. This is what helps the agencies in securing their asset. Read also: how much it costs to rent a car?

Do the Check

Cares are rented every day, this is what the agencies make bread and butter from. Thus when you are renting a car, it’s your job to do the checks or should I say double checks to make sure you don’t miss a thing even if they do. This mostly is related to the condition of the car when you are taking it out for a ride.

Try taking pictures of the car from every possible angle to ensure proof that it was just the way when you took it. Make double checks on all the pockets, yes the other guy who rented it might have dropped in something you won’t like to hang around with, so its always better to keep a check rather than be surprised.

Check even the fuel tank and make sure of the level. Make no mistake, if this isn’t included in the deal that can and will lead to confusions later. By far the most interesting rent a car problem. One must be aware of the exact condition the vehicle is being hired.

Do the Rightful Return

One of the most common of all rental car problems comes around when you are done with returning the car. Here comes one of those calls, asking for a penalty because of some damage. How do you go by it? Well, of course you are under imminent threat and if by now you are not ready with a string home work then am afraid its late.

You should ideally return the car with all the conditions checked just as you picked it. Collect enough evidence at the point where you part with it. This ensures safety agains any fraudulent claims from the agencies.

Do you know other tips or problems you can encounter renting a car?