How to save money with car rentals?

how-to-save-money-with-car-rentalsHow to save money with car rentals? Well, it’s a topic “most searched”, with a lot of variables to consider. Today we are going to find the best way to save money on a rental car. [We wrote tons of articles about it – read more here: www.rentcar360.com/save-money]

Best ways to save money on a rental car – some tips to remember

First of all, surely best way about how to save money with car rentals is looking around internet, web sites, and trying to find some special offers with word “coupon” next to name of rental company or just using website like rentalcars.com. Here you can read other tips that are good for your wallet renting a car. Consider to rent over a weekend: it’s not always possible having a rental deal to include a Saturday or Sunday if you’re travelling for business, but you can get  a cheaper rate from a significant amount. Pay in advance good be a good advantage if you are not in a rush.

For example, a compact Ford Focus that costs $128 for a weekday rental from Avis at New York’s JFK Airport location is cheaper: about $112.49 if paid for in advance and you will probably be subject to a cancellation fee if you return the vehicle early.

How to save money with car rentals – Insurance and accessories

About insurance, many  car insurance policies extend a motorist’s coverage when driving a rental car, and you could be covered to some extent by your homeowner’s policy and the credit card with which you use to pay for the rental. Check it of course and if you’re not covered  ask if you can have an inexpensive car-rental insurance.  If you have a smartphone, download and use an inexpensive or free GPS app instead of taking the extra-cost navigation system included with your car rental, as well you can save money also bringing your own child seats if you are travelling with your children.

Rent a car at the Airport could be high-priced: rental companies usually are more expensive at their airport counters than they do at downtown or in  other city  locations. Don’t forget to check gas prices. It’s usually cheaper to fill up a car just before giving car back than  pay the rental company’s rate for fuel. Check on time via on a website or smartphone app to find which station nearest the airport or rental office has the lowest gas prices. It could be great for your savings.

If the rental company has to top-off the gas tank after your return, you will pay more, so always ask that the car be filled up prior to your departure, and then bring it back full of gas. If that’s not allowed without a fee, be certain you return the vehicle with as much gas in the tank as when you started. There are plenty of other additional charges that can take a nice rate to an ordinary deal very quickly. Sometimes could be convenient to rent a car at the Airport, many times that convenience trumps every other consideration, including price. But if you have a choice, keep in mind that you’ll pay for the privilege of walking fewer steps to get behind the wheel of your rented vehicle.

There are money-saving alternatives that can be nearly as convenient as the airport rental. For example, if you’re on a business trip, many times you can rent a car from your downtown hotel and  if you can arrange a hotel shuttle or public transportation from airport to front desk, chances are good you’ll save money taking delivery off the airport grounds.

About “rent a car” insurance

If you want to better understand how to save money with car rentals, well… consider also insurance. Companies make big profits from insurance fees. Some clerks are trained to create as much anxiety as possible for people who decline it, they’ll tell you their insurance closes expensive loopholes, which may or may not be true in your case or tell you  stories about how a customer’s auto insurance or credit card failed to cover damages during a recent accident. It is very likely, however, that your auto insurance policy at home covers rentals as well.

Call your agent to verify it and  check with your credit card company to see if using the card to pay for a rental provides collision coverage. In many cases, you’ll find it a positive response. Depending upon the length of your trip, travel insurance can be a good idea. But  insurance of many car rental companies offer is an expensive and useless add-on. It is very important to check with your credit card company or auto insurance agent if you’ll be renting outside of your home country.

Take a look on rent a car for a week

Many times, reserving a car for a week  is cheaper than trying to get a daily rate on a shorter rental. For that reason, it pays to try a number of combinations when you consider your rental period. It might be smarter to pick up the car on Thursday, even if you don’t really need it until Friday. The Friday rental might come with a weekend rate that is more expensive. There are times when a car rental offers on internet will save you money, but there are frequent instances where the bid prices are very similar (or even higher) than the standard rates listed on company web sites. Another good strategy is to shop the special offers pages for each company.

If you’re booking online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. If you’re booking over the phone, ask the agent about restrictions. Be sure you understand the conditions of your reservation. Is there a penalty for no-shows? How long will the car be held if you’re stuck in traffic on the way to the pickup station? Is there a fee for additional drivers and must their names be listed in the contract? If pertinent, ask about any restrictions on travel across state or country borders. For your own protection in case of breakdown, be sure the company has offices in all the states or countries on your itinerary. For one-way car rentals, ask about drop-off charges: they can be exorbitant.

The best time to find a place to refuel your vehicle is immediately after you pick it up. As you are driving away from the airport or rental agency, take note of the local gas stations, and make a plan to return to the most easily accessible or best-priced of them at the end of your rental. The neighborhoods around airports can be confusing and unfamiliar, so you don’t want to be driving in circles looking for a gas station as your flight time approaches. Figure this out on your way out, when you are not pressed for time.

Do you know other tips on how to save money with car rentals? Contact us and we will update the article!