How to save money on renting a car | cheap rental cars

how-to-save-money-on-renting-a-carOn magazines and websites you can find a lot of suggests about how to save money on renting a car.

Among the suggestions offered for saving money with rental cars,  you can read  those that suggest you how to rent cars for your holiday optimizing costs.

Here are our six points that can help you in choosing a good renter and saving money too with car hire companies!

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How to save money on renting a car: RentCar360 tips!


First one is: Comparison and Research. Once you’ve decided where to go, start your search. Browse through the sites and compare the different offers. Be careful where can you read the reviews of those who have rented before you, just to avoid unpleasant surprises before to leave! Is it okay to save money, but not always the lowest price is the cheapest on long term.


Second step: Check the promotions. Some car rental companies have special attractive offers. For example, if you have already are 55 years old, you can qualify for substantial reductions by the Avis car rental group in Italy. Third point: Beware of extra services. Some of these services are essential, others can be avoided; for example, if you have a browser or a mobile phone with GPS and updated maps, you can use it for  saving money on the rental. Check the offers of your plane ticket (but not only this). Often those that are traveling with an airline company (low cost too) are entitled to a range of concessions, including special conditions on the rates of car rental.


Ask your travel agent or read well what is included in your reservation. An example: Alitalia offers its clients discounts on rental with Maggiore, RyanAir has a similar agreement with Hertz and EasyJet with Europcar. Furthermore, if you are an Enelmia customer or Telepass Premium or hold an Ikea Family loyalty card or a Nectar one, you can get a discount on all Hertz vehicles in Italy and abroad.


Save money by renting your own car. If while you are away your car is closed in the box , why do not you hire it? There are many websites that allow you to do it so quickly: LocLoc, for example, is one of those. The profits made will cover at least part of the costs of your trip. For sure it is a good way to optimize costs and save money. Whether it’s a long trip, a business engagement, a wedding or any special occasion, there are – from case to case – many benefits to hire a car for their journeys.


This is the most simple tip about how to save money on renting a car – It is no secret by now for any service you should take a look online. They are discounts, coupons , offers linked to enrollment for newsletters and so on. Not to mention the price comparators, that with a glance allow you to quickly understand what was good to do. The simplest advice, therefore, is to surf a bit  online comparing prices in different comparators. The small car always seems the best choice for those who value only the price, although they are actually low prices and offers even in the most famous car brands.

Renting a car at the Airport may lead to surcharges, due to higher tariffs (is not always told, anyway – and it is more comfortable). If you have the opportunity to travel by public transport and you do not go particularly fast,  you might consider the rates proposed by renting  car centers in small town next to Airport areas. Of course, only if the savings are enough to motivate the move (ask before you leave!). At the same time, note that with online booking, you may find good prices: at that point, no matter where you decide to book.

Online you can find different prices on the same vehicle: the fluctuation of prices depends on the dynamics of automatic discount applied by the various sites. They are based on availability , the time at which you do the research and the advance with which you move to find what are you looking for. What kind of car choose? Obviously it depends if you want to be comfortable or savings; if you hurry or not; if you  have a lot fo suitcases and how long is your trip. Economic solutions and the “comfortable” one are not lacking (cars from 7 to 9 seats) but at  the end you have to find the right balance between comfort and costs. Economic small-displacement car is likely to be inconvenient if you do a lot of highway, because it will increase engine speed and final consumption. In any case, whatever choice you make, do it on time: book online the type of car, otherwise you have to take for what’s left…


If you want saving money by renting a car, don’t think about the myth of the last minute. In the rental car scenario you need to book in advance. The last thing you want is to be forced to take the most expensive car of the entire car renting center  just because it’s the last one!