How to rent a car in Venice Airport Marco Polo and what you should know

Italy is the country with the most numbers of Unesco protected places: Venice has a big part in Italian history and it’s probably the most beautiful city in the world. Today we are going to better understand how to rent a car in Venice Airport Marco Polo and what you should know about driving in this wonderful area. Venice is a unique, must-see destination for anyone visiting the Veneto region and Veneto itself is the most visited Italian region, so take your rental car and prepare to the adventure! venice airport car park maps rental cars location in marco polo venice airport vce venezia

As you know, Venice Airport Marco Polo is the gateway to reach this incredible area, but to move easily in Venice’s surroundings you should know that public transport, in Italy, isn’t so efficient.  And in Veneto too, the region in which Venice is situated, the situation isn’t better – the situation suggests to the wise traveller to think about the Venice Airport rental cars offers.

Veneto is a region renowned for its culture, art and natural beauty, offering an extraordinary range of tourist attractions. From Venice and its islands to Treviso, the Dolomites, the Adriatic Sea (Iesolo, Bibione, Caorle, Rosolina and many others), the Po Delta natural park, Verona, the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene wine zone and so on.

But one thing you have to know: all these attractions are very close to each other by car, using the efficient roads and highways system of Veneto.


There a few things to consider before renting a car in Venice, including:

  • The different types of vehicles that Italy will have to offer, compared to what is offered in the United States, for example.
  • Different renting laws. It’s important to understand that when you rent a car in a different country, they will have different laws. Look over their handbook and make sure that you are able to abide by the rules. Read all the fine prints.
  • Take into consideration the different types of cars will most likely not be large. And if you are looking for a large vehicle, it might cost you more than it would in the United States. Traveling can cost a little bit more but it’s worth it, especially in Italy.
  • You should consider to hire little cars, in order to move in an easier way and find more car parks fitting to your agile car.
  • Letting go of those brand name cars. Brands don’t matter, not on vacation at least. You’re getting out to see Italy and Veneto, not rent the most expensive car on the lot (unless, of course, that’s what you want)
  • Veneto and Venice are very popular destinations, so be aware that you could not find your rental car at the Airport. Better book online, in advance – trust us!
  • Prepaying can help you take advantage of discounts offered by online comparators like rentalcars.com. You can save up to 20 % if you’re deciding to pay in advance on some rentals.
  • Reserving your rental car longer than needed might sound a little crazy, but you can actually lower your rate, acting this way.

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Remember how easy and safe it is nowadays to look for hotels, flights and travel experiences with websites like Booking, eDreams and Skyscanner? Well, the logic renting a car in Venice Area is the same: you will be flying out from your country well prepared, organized, paying less and with no stress. [See also the Most popular questions about renting a car]

Just one tip when you are shopping for a rental car online: don’t just compare the first price quotes but also look which company you are choosing, which car (remember, you can save money on gasoline) and which add-ons are linked to that choice. Any choices you will take, just remember to expect a lot of differences between the “American way” of renting and the Italian one.

Tips about renting a car in Venice Airport / in Veneto

  • You can get from Terminal to Rent a car park following directions towards P1 car Park multistorey or taking the new moving walkway, that connect the Terminal with P4 car park and the dock.
  • Be patient. Searching for the best car deals takes time. And if you are planning a vacation to Italy on a budget, it’s important to take it slow and look online, in order to avoid surprises.
  • Online-online-online! We repeat it because just online you will find some of the best deals for your upcoming vacation to Veneto and Venice surroundings. Try our search form to have the best offers!
  • The early bird gets the worm, right? It’s true, it’s been found that if you reserve early then you could have the best discounts.
  • Booking online you can buy using dollars, knowing what you are paying; in person, you have to use Euros…

Also, Venice and Treviso area is strategical to reach different interesting italian attractions, such as the centre of Italy, represented by Florence, Urbino and its surroundings and Bologna. You could also decide to move towards the north-west of Italy, reaching Milan, Turin and the wonderful coast of Liguria.

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If you are preparing your Italian trip in Venice and Veneto Area better starting to rent a car online from Venice Airport Marco Polo. The early you book online a reservation, the better discounts you will take.

To discover more tourist destinations and cultural offerings moving from Venice Airport Marco Polo and to choose your ideal itinerary, you can check out the following sites:

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