How to rent a car in Hawaii – the best place to do it!

rent a car in hawaii - the best place to do itAh, Hawaii it’s the destination that many Americans and people from all over globe, set their hearts on seeing—it’s beautiful and it’s tropical. Who doesn’t want to go on vacation to Hawaii and swim with the dolphins? Hawaii has so much to offer it’s tourists, with it’s unique culture, beaches and style.

If your taking a vacation to Hawaii then your going to want to see the beaches, nightlife, romance and Hawaii even has a little something for children, including zoos, parks and everybody loves to go surfing—sitting on the dock and getting family photo’s is pretty popular as well. But in order to have fun with your family in Hawaii you are going to have to figure out the best place to rent a car in Hawaii.

Renting a car in Hawaii has become increasingly easier over the years, thanks to the internet. There are so many helpful websites that hep you find the best options for your family. And there are many different requirements to consider, including:

  • How many people are you traveling with? When you are traveling on an island a car is essential. And if you’re traveling with family then it’s important to have a big enough vehicle. Make sure to think about how many people you are traveling with and their luggage items. You don’t want to be cramped when you rent a car in Hawaii, you want to be comfortable.
  • One of the biggest recommendations when traveling around Hawaii, is to rent a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler or similar vehicle. It seems they handle the rough and unpaved roads, perfectly. But don’t forget to check with the rent-a-car company before you decide to drive off-roads. It is against the contract more times than not.
  • How much will you be driving? When driving around Hawaii, you’re probably going to see some high gas prices. It’s important to check out different vehicle models when deciding to rent a car in Hawaii because gas can add up and if you’re looking to save money, you want to find the car with the best fuel economy.
  • Understand that when you rent a car in Hawaii you will have to abide by industry standards, which means rental periods can last anywhere from 24 hours to 5 days. And some rental agencies have long-term rental agreements; but it’s best to inquire if you are going to be staying long-term.

What to do AFTER you rent a car in Hawaii…

After you have your reservation ready to go and you arrive in Hawaii it’s time to pick-up you rental. But it’s important to have a check list ready to go, in order to avoid any possible complications. And be prepared to have patience because picking up a vehicle can take some time; but while you wait here are some things to double check and consider before you rent your car in Hawaii.

  1. Consider additional drivers. Did you know that when you rent a car, you are solemnly the only person who is supposed to drive the vehicle, otherwise you could be sued? Well, you can consider inquiring about adding an extra driver, especially, if you don’t want to be the driver the whole vacation.
  2. Always, always inquire with hire car company about a child safety seat. It’s the law.
  3. Double check you still have your ID, credit cards, wallet and anything you might have left at the Airport.
  4. Prepaid Fuel comes with your car. Your tank will be filled to the very brink. Which means you need to bring your car back with a full tank as well—or else you are going to get charged some crazy gas prices.

Facts to remember about renting a car in Hawaii

You are in charge of the vehicles safety and all major rental companies do prohibit all rental models from driving off-road. If you drive off a paved road and the vehicle breaks down the renter is responsible for all charges.

  • Take into consideration the restrictions for driving on certain remote and rough roads. These types of company restrictions differ from company to company. If you are interested in driving off-road it’s best to ask about their rules and regulations.
  • Keep in mind that you can take your family up “Saddle Road,” but not past “Mauna Kea” visitor center. It’s not a paved road and is against the rules when you rent a car in Hawaii.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • It’s important to brush up on Hawaii driving laws.

Rent a car in Hawaii and save money

Brand name vehicles are expensive. What’s the point when you can save money and do more with your family? You’re getting out and seeing Hawaii, what’s better than that?

The internet will always be your best friend when deciding to rent a car in Hawaii. It will help you with the compare and contrast against other companies in Hawaii and you’ll be sure to find one that suits you.

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Anyway, few tips while thinking about your vacation:

  • Try to reserve your car, before you arrive to Hawaii. Did you know that you can save money by having your car reserved at least a week ahead of time? And it also speeds up the whole ‘picking your car up,’ process because the attendant already has all your information in the computer. All he has to do is find the keys, print the paper and confirmation and you’ll be on your way.
  • Are you going to Hawaii for the first time? Read this wonderful post from Lonely Planet Guide.
  • Prepaying can also help you take advantage of discounts offered by hotels, another area to save when you are just looking to rent a car in Hawaii. Saving money is important in all families. Especially, when you take a vacation. When you save money on one thing, that means there’s more money for creating unforgettable memories. And renting a car in Hawaii has never been easier—letting families get on the road quicker.

Helping them create memories faster. Don’t forget to buckle and be safe; and most of all have a great time, hitting all the scenic roads in Hawaii and checking out the nightlife, nature and their beautiful, warm, sandy beaches—and it’s your next getaway.