How to reach Treviso from Venice Airport

how to reach treviso from venice airportTreviso is known to be the City of Culture, Art and Water. Treviso is a beautiful city in the Veneto region, located about 30 kilometers from the city of Venice. But how to reach Treviso from Venice Airport? Today we are going to explain the best choices to reach the city of Treviso.
Treviso develops between palaces decorated with frescoes, porches, old villas, and quiet canals where the Sile River runs, crossing small mills that are found in various parts of the city. It is a city that cures the details and I always try to maintain a high quality of life: this can be noted for example in buses across the city, which are all fed methane.

How to reach Treviso from Venice Airport – How can I rent a car

That’s a very good question. You can use taxis and buses (Atvo is one of the public transport companies in the territory) but you are obliged to respect the public transport schedule and the crowd. The best and free choice you can take is to rent a car at Venice Airport: you will have the peace of mind to move anywhere at the time you prefer. And all this takes away stress and lets you enjoy more of where you are.

But how?
First come and visit Rentalcars (here is our affiliated web page to search the best deals while renting your car) and choose the destination, in this case from Venice Airport to the specific destionation you need in Treviso. Put the dates in which you are traveling, then you pick the car you want and you’re all that easy and it is best to know that prices are super cheap only from 16 euros per day.
To get to Treviso you arrive at Venice airport takes you rented your car and you’re done previously.

You can take 2 main roads to get Treviso:

  1. Roadway A57 + A27
  2. Passing by Mogliano Veneto and follow for “Terraglio” street (this is a free road)

If you travel to Treviso you will never regret it, maybe you’ll regret not having traveled. So do not look for reasons to be sad and regretful. Come and know Treviso and its proximities.

Places to visit in Treviso

Treviso is a peaceful oasis where it’s nice stroll admiring the sober elegance of the corners of the “gracious city.”
In the old town – surrounded by a majestic wall – is the Dome, a magnificent example of the diversity of architectural styles due to the several restorations made in different times. Walking through Borgo Cavour is reached Luigi Bailo Civic Museum, where an archaeological collection, an interesting Pinacoteca with works of great Venetian artists and a collection of modern art on display.

This elegance can also be found outside the perimeter of the city, visiting the palaces of the nobles of the time of the Serenissima. Along Terraglio, which leads to Venice, you can admire Villa Albrizzi Franchetti, Venetian-style noble residence surrounded by a wonderful park; Villa Taverna, wonderful Italian garden; Villa Trevisanato, which is in the green of a small forest and gardens designed by architect Antonio Caregaro Negrin and Villa Furlanis, based on an original project of Palladio.

As we see this beautiful city has nothing to envy to others, however others will have much to envy Treviso.
But the activities do not stop here in this city there is still much to do and go. Not only is that but the nightlife of this beautiful city captivating. And you must not forget about their restaurants where the food brings back the best of each.


Cicchetteria and beyond

A traditional restaurant at noon, with excellent homemade pasta dishes, a wine bar and Cicchetteria the day-evening: there really is something for everyone! Small place in the center of Treviso is ideal for those who want a taste of typical Venetian Cicchetti combining them with a glass of wine

Located on a subjective part of Treviso, the small alley away Palestro in the direction of Piazza dei Signori cross a bridge…. A corner of Venice in miniature! A simple framework where prosecco porchetta are masters of a nice snack or spend some time teasing trevigianità.

One of the most beautiful and typical houses Treviso. The local tiny and the seats are very few. The result is filled in a time of happy people, drink, magic, chatter and laughter. A festive chaos under the watchful eye of the bottles line the walls to the ceiling. It is located in the center of Treviso. Great wine, sausages and sandwiches. Perfect for a snack.
It would be beautiful in Treviso and these are some of the comments left by our visitors.
But do not forget something, nothing would be the same if not rent a car and You travel the wonderful streets, landscapes in this city.

Now, you do know how to reach Treviso from Venice Airport and what to see in this beautiful and little city. Enjoy your travel!

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Have a nice trip!