How Do I Rent A Car Online?

how do i rent a car onlineYou’re going on your dream vacation, and you want a nicer car to do it in but you are wondering how do I rent a car online? This may be whether you want to take the kids to see grandma and Aunt Lois, or a not so fun trip to a business meeting. The perfect car is waiting for you to check it out when you think about how do I rent a car online.

Online rental is the easiest and quickest way to rent a car. There’s no waiting in line or pressure from a salesperson to upgrade. And the best part is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, even in your pajamas.

How do I rent a car online – what to consider

When you wonder how do I rent a car online, there are several ways to do it. You can go to each and every rental agency’s website, or to an independent broker that will compare prices for you. That is completely tedious. There are also car rental agencies online such as RentalCars.com that will give you maps and information on any attractions along the way, and compare for you all the prices from different car hire companies.

They can get you discount packages, tell you exactly how many miles you’ll be driving, and how much to expect to pay. There are many online and waiting to help you with your trip when you are wondering how do I rent a car online.

If you are thinking about renting a car online, first decide what size car you will want, and compare prices, as well as what is going to be covered by your insurance or credit card.

If you are traveling for business, ask yourself: will my company cover the expenses of theft, vandalism, or a car accident?

However if this is a family trip to see grandma, you are going to need to know the size of the vehicle, and insurance information is very important. Some car rental business will have insurance for an additional fee. You just need to ask. Typically, it’s more expensive, but it’s available.

There are online websites that have all the information at your fingertips. There is no need to hunt from one to another to another. Compare all of your options right there simultaneously instead of clicking around in numerous browsers. Just click on a couple of tabs, get out your credit card and pay for your reservation. Some people don’t like to do it that way, and that’s just fine. It is just a lot more hassle.

When thinking “how do I rent a car online” you can also use additional drivers to help you do the driving. They do not need a credit card to do the renting. They just need to be added on to your car reservation for a small daily fee.

If you’re going to rent a vehicle on your own, you’ve got a few things to do:

  1. Go online to sites such as RentalCars, look at the cars and their size;
  2. compare prices and features;
  3. look at the fine print, and read it thoroughly. It may tell you things that the salesperson won’t.
  4. That’s also why it is a good idea to print off all of that information too so that you have all of it with you when you go to pick up a car rental. Also, when you address the problem of how do I rent a car online, type in the dates you will need the rental car, as well as the pickup and drop off locations, and stick to them. Dropping off a rental car late can be very expensive.

What kind of car do you prefer? Do you want a minivan for a family trip? Or a sporty model to rent for a special occasion?

Do you want an automatic or a manual transmission, or does it even matter? A lot of people can’t drive a manual transmission, so you’ll want to make sure that all of the drivers can drive a manual transmission.

If you need snow chains, will they be provided? Or do you have to buy or rent some on your own?

These questions all have to be answered when you go to apply for your reservation when solving the problem of renting your car online. So first you need to decide if you’re going to to go online and compare the different rental companies yourself, or if you’re going to use a company that does the comparing for you. Online companies that represent multiple car rental agencies are recommended.

Next you need to decide and inform them of what kind of car you want. There is everything from a commercial cargo van to a flashy prestige sports car. Do you want a sedan or a coupe? Does color matter to you? Do you want GPS? Do you have your own, or will you need to get one from them? Do they have them? Another important item is a car seat. Do you have one or need one for kids?

One way rentals are also available, but they add fees for that. The base price either goes up, or they add a fee for one way. One way can be any other car rental location within the same company and are used for people just to get from point A to point B and do not need a rental car to get back to point A. Even across town is considered a one way rental so either talk to them about it first, make the arrangements, and let them know where you’re going to drop off the car.

When wondering what to do when choosing a rental car online, note that most rental car companies, a driver must be over the age of 25, some have lower age requirements, and that’s something you’ll need to look for. You can have more than one driver or everyone in the car can be a driver, as long as they meet the rental car company’s requirements. Note that in the case of an accident, the driver listed on the insurance agreement with the rental agency must be one of the people actually driving or insurance will not cover the rental car.

Another thing to think of when wondering how do I rent a car online, is there a specific make and model that you’re looking for? Some car rental agencies that only carry one particular make, so if you want a specific make and model, you might have to try out a few places. It is common that you are just promised a vehicle similar to the one you have requested.