Holiday Car Hire Tips

holiday car hire tipsThe holiday is fast approaching and your destination this time requires you to board a flight. You probably want to experience the locale properly without worrying about your means of transport from one place to another. Today, we are going to see some holiday car hire tips!

Naturally, hiring a car from a car rental company will be your first consideration. Knowing where and how to get the best car available will save you the stress and heartache that usually follows those who do not take care when approaching a car rental facility.

The good news is that there are many sources of information that you can use to know all the tricks in the book and guard yourself against them. The internet is very helpful in this regard. The following are some of the holiday car hire tips that you can use during your vacation.

9 Holiday Car Hire Tips

1) Stick to the basic package when renting a car

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when renting a car for sightseeing in your holiday destination is adding special additions on top of the basic rental car package offered by the facility that you have visited. Addons are what these businesses use to get their profit at the end of the month. As such, you can expect these special additions to be ridiculously overpriced and often quite unnecessary to the overall experience and enjoyment of your holiday.

It would therefore be wise and prudent to forego them and only stick to the basic package. You will end up with a lot more money in your pockets that you can use to entertain yourself and your loved ones during your holiday trip.

2) Do not be tempted by the sales material on the front desk

It is often the case that people going to rent a car at car hire facilities often get carried away by the seemingly awesome packages that are available. This temptation is so strong that many forget what they were looking for and instead use their feelings and emotions to make financial decisions that they may later end up regretting.

In other cases, you will be told long stories intended to make you think that you have a missing requirement (like your insurance not being applicable when it is). This requires wisdom and patience so that you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

3) Acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations

One of the most underestimated thing among the best holiday car hire tips is the management of rules and regulations. It is always good to know all the little rules and regulations that may end up making life hard for you when you return the car at the end of your holiday.

For instance, many rental businesses may have different rules regarding fuel usage and mileage costs. In other facilities, the rates are higher for people below a certain age. Reading and getting familiar with the fine print before signing on the dotted line will likely save you many headaches and a lot of money.

4) Keep accurate records of the car before driving it for the first time

Smartphones and cameras are useful for more than just taking selfies.

Ensure that you have taken good and clear pictures of the car from all angles, including the odometer reading and the engine among other parts that you may feel are important.

This will serve as a benchmark that you will use to compare when you finally return the car. This documentation will also prevent any false allegations leveled against you in the event that the rental car had a prior defect or damage that is not your fault.

5) Keep your documents with you even after returning the car rental

The car rental process does not end with you returning the car to the facility. As such, you would not be advised to throw away all your important paperwork immediately after handing in the car.

It is also advisable to ensure that you have given the car to a recognized official of the car rental facility so as to prevent any lengthy and costly court battles that will surely deplete your bank account.

6) Keep an eye on your credit card statement after renting the car

It is also important to keep good watch over your credit card statement during the month after your car hire. This will allow you to notice any extra charges that may be added to your bill. Noticing these added charges gives you the chance to fight back if you believe that these charges are unwarranted or illegal.

7) Choose your car hire company carefully

You can avoid most problems by ensuring that you choose the right car rental facility from the very beginning. This means that you should conduct your due diligence on the car rental facilities present in the area you will be spending your holiday in.

Customer testimonials, especially from people that you know will go a long way in helping you making the right decision. Easy research on the internet will also give you a very good idea of how good or bad the company is even before you visit their physical location.

8) Be on your best behavior while handling the car rental

The onus also falls on you to be on your best behavior while handling the car so as to avoid any spurious damages and unnecessary costs that may come to haunt you later. It is therefore a good rule of thumb to avoid trashing the car under the false assumption that you will not bear the cost of cleaning the car and returning it to its original condition.

9) Search for competitive car rental deals

One of the most interesting holiday car hire tips is to explore carefully the internet. There are many online car rental deal aggregator sites (e.g. RentalCars) that will have comprehensive lists of all the best car rental deals that you can get in your place of interest [read also: It is cheaper to rent a car at the Airport or online ahead of time?]. It is therefore wise to scour these sites and get the best deal available.

By using such online tools such as online deal aggregator sites, you will have access to information that you could not get easily on your own. Getting the best competitive deal will significantly reduce your travelling expenses during your holiday.

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