Hire a Car in Italy: few tips to enjoy your italian road trip

hire a car in italyItaly is a very beautiful country which you must for sure visit at least one time in your lifetime. The country has various great destinations and fantastic monuments that would surely enjoy your senses.

If you really want to explore the cities and the countrysides then the best option for you would be hire a car in Italy, because of the morphology of  the Italian territory, which doesn’t give so many opportunities in terms of public transports.

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Hire a Car in Italy: few tips

There are many operating car renting companies in Italy. You can book a rental car from Avis, Hertz Italy, Maggiore Italy, Budget rent a car Italy, Sicily by Car, Win Rent and many others.
Some important tips and tricks that would help you to select the best car rental for your vacations in Italy are mentioned here: checking the local driving customs. If you have rented a car in Italy then you must be aware of all the driving rules and regulations.

Besides, you will see that italian car rental companies only offer cars just for trip inside the italian borders: if you have to rent a car to cross the border of the country then you must find about the terms and conditions to see for some exceptions. The local traffic can really be troublesome, that is why you need to be very careful while driving a hired vehicle in big cities. You will see that certain taxes are also charged from tourists when they enter major cities of Italy like Milan.

There are also various stop signs and stop lights which the tourists should never ignore. About the need for any permits, in order to hire a car in Italy it is very important for you to have the international Drivers Permit otherwise you would not be able to drive around the city (but no needs of it if you live in EU). Before you come to Italy, make sure that you have the international Drivers permit as well as your regular driving license. Permits are sold by national automobile associations.

Driving in Italy offers a very different experience to driving in the UK, for example, like the rest of mainland Europe: only in UK countries you have to drive on the left-hand side. Speed traps are common on Italian roads and police will often issue on the spot fines for motoring offences such as speeding. If you are subject to one of these be sure that the officer collecting the fine issues you with an official receipt. Italy also has a stricter drink driving limit than the UK, so it is probably best to avoid drinking any alcohol if you are driving.

Make sure your car is prepared for the journey as snow chains or winter tyres are mandatory when driving (not only in mountainous areas, but wherever) between November and March or at any time there is snow; you will also need to ensure your hire car comes with a warning triangle, for safety reasons.
Widely regarded as one of Europe’s most culturally rich and socially diverse countries, there is so much to see and do in Italy!

Whether you are looking for some of the most iconic European cities such as Venice, Rome or Florence, or you want to experience the scenery of the Italian Lakes or the Alps in the north (from Treviso, maybe), a car rental will get you on your way. You’ll find everything from palaces and gardens to nice architecture and art collections and, of course, the fantastic food and drink, all of which add up to a baggage of experiences for any holidaymaker.

And when you have finished your sightseeing and driving, why not retire to one of the many beaches, many of which are quiet and deserted outside the summer season? Hire your car in Italy and enjoy the most beautiful country in the world!

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