How to evaluate a Car Hire Company

how to evaluate a car hire companySome days ago Fleetblog published an interesting post about how to evaluate a proposal for a long term rental. The article recalls how, as well as the car loan and the fees charged, you have to evaluate several important notes services that “make the difference” between a supplier and another, such as maintenance ancillary services, administrative practices, insurance and management of any damage, the replacement car, the availability of a call center, up to the number of included tyres.

Our regular readers already know this topic (read here: www.rentcar360.com/consider-proposal-long-term-rental): seen by the customer these are all elements to be considered, to be inserted or deleted from the contract depending on your budget and your needs.

Seen from the point of view of the renter, those are the basic building elements of this offer. These notes give us an interesting idea for an exercise: you can resume the list setting out and making the necessary distinctions with the type of machines that offer rental, then answer to these questions:

  • On your offer the items listed in the article are all present and well communicated to the customer?
  • If someone is absent, do you know to explain it in a credible manner to the customer that you were to ask him?
  • Beyond the basic ones, which elements can change (as cheaply as possible) with respect to how this is handled now, to be able to be different from otherscompetitors?
  • You know you have found the right ones, the customer always asks?
  • There are additional services that you might delete, without any customer will feel the lack?

In the current economic context, characterized by a strong competition, the customer experience is part of that complex of elements that determine their fidelity. If handled properly , the customer experience can ultimately be an important competitive advantage for the company. A good level of service keeps loyal customers, who buy more, report the company to friends, resist to the offers of competitors and forgive occasional mistakes. On the other hand, if the company does one or more “deadly sins ” in managing the relationship with its customers, it can easily run into a number of negative consequences, such as seeing their clients who post complaints on the major social media after they have experienced a negative customer service, so damaging the company’s image, or risk losing customers in favor of its competitors.

In general, customers tend to give bad reviews on customer service when they perceive that the company’s employees “are not on their side”. The interpersonal communication skills play a very important role: customers want to be heard and having back respect, not only to see solved their problems. And despite use Facebook or Twitter to communicate with their friends, often they prefer to deal with their own suppliers by phone or in person, reflecting the importance of human contact. Despite on the market there are also increasingly available low cost software to collect data on customer satisfaction, many companies do not have in place systems for measuring customer satisfaction. Read also: 15 Reasons Why Long Term Car Rental is an Option for your Business.

We are talking about not of indexes advanced in all, such as measuring the ability of sellers to do cross-selling, but also just the ability to distinguish and count the number of loyal customers that we are making positive publicity from those indifferent (neither positive nor negative), and the real detractors. Or tools to help staff to ask customers their level of satisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

Even when the customer service agent is unable to solve a problem, the customer can still be satisfied with the service if the employee acts in a humane manner, respectful and empathetic, and if that seems to be trying to put yourself in his shoes.

All those who come in contact with customers should show understanding. Each interaction with the customer has special moments that must be managed with caution. One of these moments is the initial greeting, which often influences the rest of the dialogue with the customer. It is no a coincidence that some fast food chains require that customers are greeted within the first five seconds of their arrival. Another moment of truth is that of the claim. In this case it may be useful to point out the policy used by the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain, who boast of their service to customers. Every employee of the company, regardless of level, can spend up to $2,000 to fix the problem of a client, without having to request additional permissions.

In the rental business another important moment is that of the management of failures or replacements of machines, which can radically change the assessment of the overall rental experience. A machine replaced quickly in the critical moment of the customer can turn in an instant into a loyal customer.

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