Cost of Renting a Car: What You Should Know About

cost of renting a carIf you have ever asked yourself something about the cost of renting a car (and how to save money), then you are not alone. Everyone wants to know that at one time or another, and it seems there is no set answer. All car rental agencies have different prices, and there are many factors for this price difference (www.rentcar360.com/save-money).

If you are going to rent a car it is important to know exactly what you are paying for.

Charges vary for different times of the year, there are package deals offered from time to time, you can get a better deal if you rent a vehicle online and so on. What you need to learn is how to navigate the often confusing terms and conditions of any car rental agency.

There are some great tips on how much it costs to rent a car and how to get a better price overall. Let’s see them!

Cost of Renting a Car – our tips

search onlineMake the most of the online resources available for car renting. While it may be more convenient to step off the plane and go right to the rental counter you are going to pay more for this service than you would if you reserved your car online. It’s relatively easy to do, saves you money, and you can usually reserve the car of your choice if the agency has it in the fleet of rentals. So, for what it costs to rent a car online compared to waiting until you arrive? Much less overall.

time frameThe time frame you are going to want the car for is another cost factor. Do you want it for a day? A week? Longer, even? You can often get a much better deal if you plan on renting for at least a week. If you only need it for one day then the price may be a bit higher. Call ahead and ask what it costs to rent a car for the length of time you figure you will need it to save yourself a headache at the counter, and perhaps a bit of money also.

rent a car couponsDid you know that many car rental agencies (especially the better known ones) often offer discount coupons or codes? If you have the patience to find out some coupons, well you will fall the cost of renting a car. This usually only applies to online bookings however, and is another good reason to check the websites. The discount is usually in the form of a certain percentage off the rental, and future discounts that the company will email to you if you sign up with them. Just another way to keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket and not the rental company. Do check online for the newest discounts available.

vehicle sizeHow much it costs to rent a car is also going to depend on the size of the vehicle you are looking for. Don’t rent anything larger than what you really need because you will definitely be spending more. Large groups of people who require more space can chip in on the rental to further reduce your cost. The same applies to the gas you will be putting in the car-the more people who contribute to the cost, the less it will affect your pocketbook. Make sure you have discussed this with your group before you book your rental car.

rental car agreementRead your rental agreement carefully before signing to make sure there are no hidden charges or fees that will occur when it comes time to turn the vehicle in at the end of the lease. Know exactly what you are paying for in terms of amenities, insurances and so on. If you aren’t sure, or have questions, call the company and speak with an agent about your concerns. They are trained to assist you and can usually resolve the problem quickly.

locationsKnow the hours and locations of all the drop off areas so as not to miss your turn- in time. This is another way you are going to get charged extra. Ask about dropping it off at a location other than the one nearest you if you are going to be doing a lot of traveling and perhaps flying out from another airport. Will they charge you for this?

online comparisonLast, but certainly not least is to compare prices on all the websites you check! The cost of renting a car is going to depend on what a particular agency is going to be offering on any given day. Rates are all different, and what you pay today at one place may not be what you would pay at another. It pays to comparison shop for a car rental just like you would do for any item you are considering.

Saving money while getting the best rental deal is what you are after, and it can be done if you are willing to spend a little time looking.

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