The cheapest Way to Rent a Car

cheapest way to rent a car

Using the cheapest way to rent a car is connected to several factors. Learn about these factors in order to have more experience in this field, starting to save money while renting your car for business or leisure.

Sun is shining and warm weather is approaching. “Now” is best time to find the cheapest way to rent a car. Normally, the people start planning tours and trips from October to March. This season is considered favorable for the traveling. Those who need a rental car for travel purpose should not forget to consider the top tips to save money.

8 factors for the cheapest way to rent a car

We know 8 factors you should know too, to rent a car saving a lot of money. Here are our suggestions…

Book as soon as possible

Just like booking a hotel room early, you have to consider the early rental car reservation. It was a hectic job before but it has become very simple today. All you have to do is very simple. Find the best online rental companies and check the favorable deals. This also allows the users to see if the rates are down or up. They can decide a best time to book the rental cars in advance. Track the prices and deals regularly to update your knowledge.

Get personal GPS

Today, the companies present GPS facility in cars. However, they charge additional about $20 for this service. It would be better to purchase your own device in order to save money. It is better to buy a new GPS device for the future use if you don’t have it (or just use your smartphone gps with Google Maps).

Find the financial discounts

Numerous rental car companies keep discounts for the clients. Normally, the discounts are offered in off season. On the other hand, the financial savings are also offered if the customers book a car in advance. It means that early booking gives special discounts. Consider this point in order to choose the cheapest car rental services in peak seasons. Always search the special promotions announced by the leading car rental companies such as Rentalcars.com.

Online booking is safer

You don’t need to pay money for it. It is a safe method but you must ensure that online car rental service is reliable. There is no need to be worried about the security of finance and car. Each and everything is ensured by the company. Always choose what is safe for you in order to enjoy a cheapest way to rent a car.

Never follow the brand names

Remember, it is not necessary to follow the leading rental car companies. Also focus on the emerging rental car services in order to see the difference in price.  There is no reason to ignore the offer if a new company presents lower costs. This will help to manage the traveling budgets in a better way. An unexpected discount always gives you more happiness.

Plan for car insurance

Rental cars are mostly provided with traveling insurance. The companies recommend taking insurance plans. The costs of rental car insurance are added in the daily charges. Double check the rental car insurance policy with the help of a trusted insurance agent. You must make sure that this insurance plan will definitely give financial support in case of any accident or loss.

Avoid last minute picking

Normally, it is believed that picking up a rental car form in last minutes can save money. This sounds logical but it is not a case in all situations. The car rental companies manage a busy schedule in peak seasons. That is why the customers must pick the rental cars as soon as possible otherwise companies will demand high rental charges especially if there is no car when you arrive at airport. Cheapest way to rent a car should be utilized without having any pressure on mind.

 Never book for longer

Rental cars should be booked for a short period of time. Booking for longer may cost you higher than current market rates. It also limits the chances to get another cheaper service. Get a service for 2-3 days and try to search another best offer in this period.

Do you know other ways to rent a car saving money? Write us and share the best practises!