Save Money

In this section, you can find all our tips on saving money when renting a car. Rent a car wisely, share the knowledge! The best advice we can give to you to save money with your rental car? Just book in advance when you decide to rent a car. Simple, isn’t it?

one way car rental

One Way Car Rental

When you drop a rental car at a different location than where you picked it up is a One Way Car Rental (different from “one day car rental“). A one way car hire can be very convenient, but also quite expensive compared to regular to the base rates. Yet, sometimes, the initial flat fee of the one way rental car is more expensive as it compares to the initial location. However, there are methods to lower the rates, by utilizing some comparison shopping…

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save money and time with rental cars

Save Money and Time with Rental Cars

Today we talk about “Save Money and Time with Rental Cars“. Do you have any doubts about travelling with a car? Do you know driving is not that bad? Let’s make an example: do you want to take that 1 hour flight? With the strong Airport security and all the hassle of Airport long timing, you might as well drive there, spending the same time you have flying and paying less. Once you get to your destination, having a car give you…

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Car Rental Costs in Europe

Car Rental Costs in Europe: what you should know

When traveling in Europe from a different country or looking for a rental car while in Europe, you might want to consider car rental costs in Europe. One thing to note is that if you are used to renting a car in the United States, the costs for renting a car in Europe are usually more expensive.  It can also be more complicated due to other insurance options and any other additional fees. However when you go to rent a…

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The Cheapest Car Rental in Italy

The Cheapest Car Rental in Italy – how to find good deals

When you are looking for the cheapest car rental in Italy, it can be determined on many different variables. While using an online resource like RentalCars, it can be really easy to find the cheapest one regardless of where you are choosing to go, simply because that site compares the prices of all car hire companies in a certain area. You simply need to go online and fill out a search form to help find a cheap car hire. When looking…

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the best way to rent a car

The Best Way to Rent a Car

When considering the best way to rent a car, you should get started from a precise question: is it better to rent a car online or in person? The Best Way to rent a car: the answer is simple… The answer will almost always be online. There is so much more flexibility and you can rent your car ahead of time rather than just showing up in person only to get the rental car options that are left on the lot….

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how do i rent a car online

How Do I Rent A Car Online?

You’re going on your dream vacation, and you want a nicer car to do it in but you are wondering how do I rent a car online? This may be whether you want to take the kids to see grandma and Aunt Lois, or a not so fun trip to a business meeting. The perfect car is waiting for you to check it out when you think about how do I rent a car online. Online rental is the easiest…

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how to rent a car for cheap

How to rent a car for cheap: 10 ways

It is often the case that travelling involves a lot of rental cars. Knowing how to rent a car for cheap will definitely ease the pressure off your financial pocket. It will free up more money for you to use during your trip or vacation. This is something that every traveler or tourist will want to enjoy. The good news is that the internet is awash with tips and tricks that you can use to rent the best car at the…

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best time and place to rent a car

The best time and place to rent a car

Today we talk about… timing! In fact, booking the rental cars on right time and place saves more money. Probably, the more appropriate answer to the question “which is the best time to rent a car?” is… NOW! What about the place? ONLINE! Let’s see why… Decide the best time and place to rent a car… order to enjoy the financial discounts and other benefits! Are you going on holidays? The golden time of the year has arrived and…

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cheapest way to rent a car

The cheapest Way to Rent a Car

Using the cheapest way to rent a car is connected to several factors. Learn about these factors in order to have more experience in this field, starting to save money while renting your car for business or leisure. Sun is shining and warm weather is approaching. “Now” is best time to find the cheapest way to rent a car. Normally, the people start planning tours and trips from October to March. This season is considered favorable for the traveling. Those…

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Car rentals in Torino, Italy. What to see and how to save money

Car rentals in Torino, Italy. What to see and how to save money

Turin, in italian “Torino”, is located in the Northwestern part of the Piedmont region in Italy. Before Italy was a unified nation, Turin stood as its capital city; it is now the 4th largest city in the country. Turin was at one time a popular tourist destination, but still today deserves a role in italian scenario. Sometimes, in recent years, it fell off the list of “must see places” due to its reputation as an industrial city. But it’s not…

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