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how to rent a car for an employee

How to Rent a Car for an Employee

How to rent a car for an employee? Is there some tips or rules to be followed? If you’re hiring a new employee or you just have to organize employees’ transfers, you may have to get them a rented car. There are many reasons why this can be necessary, including travel time and safety. However, it’s important to note that if you rent a car for your business or an employee, you’ll need an agreement in place for liability reasons….

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7 9 and more passengers Van Rental the best choice for comfort

7 – 9 and more passengers Van Rental: the best choice for comfort

For any type of travel we could possibly need a Van. For tourism trip or for business but also for a student group or a big family. Van is a vehicle capable of carrying passengers, in a number higher than cars. Nowadays a van is usually set up for family use: 7, 9 or more passengers Van rental could be the solution you were looking for. You can drive a Van similarly to a car, with comfortable accomodations for passengers, safety and…

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Rental car price per day and other things to know

Are you looking for “rental car price per day“? Well, calm down, there are a lot of elements to know when it’s about the costs of rental cars. Rental car price per day: average costs and variables When it’s about rental cars, your first thought – of course – is the price. It is normally calculated by number of days. Usually  more days you take, the less you pay for a day. Usually, for a week you are going to pay…

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How to consider a proposal for a long term rental

The fleet manager or who has to evaluate and optimize a company’s fleet or just a proposal for a long term rental often does not possess all the knowledge that would be required to move safely between the different proposals. Often those who have responsibility for this difficult task makes another “job”: the purchasing manager, or general services, or production, or staff, or other. What are the elements that the fleet manager should list and assess, when is preparing to ask…

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The right way to Rent a Car

Which is the right way to rent a car? The playlist maybe is the first important decision you need to make before you leave for an holiday. Once you’ve settled on some jams, you’re going to need a way to get around. The right way to rent a car: where to pick-up your car, when to book and which services to choice Renting a car means making a series of choices such as comparing costs, buying insurance, even fueling up…

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how to get a rental car without using credit cards

How to Get a Rental Car without Credit Cards

It typically required that you have both an active credit card and a valid driver’s license when you go to get a rental car. However, while it may take a little more hassle, you may still wonder how to get a rental car without credit cards? Many people do have credit cards or debit cards though debit cards are not the preferred method that car rental agencies accept because they often consider people who do not use credit cards a higher…

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Car Rental Insurance Abroad

Slow Down and Learn About Car Rental Insurance Abroad

You’ve decided to pack the family up and head overseas. Your plane tickets are purchased, resort-wear packed, and rental car is booked. Excitement fills the air as you anticipate your journey overseas. But wait; do you have everything you need? Here’s an important suggestion before you run out the door: make sure you’ve checked into car rental insurance, especially if you are travelling abroad. Car rental insurance abroad may not sound exciting or you may not think you need it,…

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Rent A Car At the Airport - What To Know

Rent A Car At the Airport – What To Know

In most areas of the world, a vehicle is one of the necessities of life. You may either rent one or own one. Airport car hire rentals are available for just a one day rental or even for long term rentals. Today we are talking about “Rent a car at the Airport”, discovering what you need to know in order to save money and do a good choice. Rent a car at the Airport – all you need to know…

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