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Need a rental car at the Airport? Or in some little town in a foreign country? Read our tips about rental cars scenario!

Cincinnati Airport Rental Car tips to save money and time

Cincinnati Airport Rental Car: tips to save money and time

Cincinnati, nicknamed The Queen City, is one of the most important cities of Ohio and of USA. With a population of 298,550 and for its particular position in the heart of the country, is a town rich in traffic, business and commerce. In particular the Northern Kentucky International Airport of Covington – Cincinnati is located in Hebron and serves the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area. Some airlines are here with many destinations for America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. If you land…

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Rent a car in Ibiza Airport how to and why you have to rent a vehicle

Rent a car in Ibiza Airport: how to and why you have to rent a vehicle

Ibiza is a wonderful island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. Rich in nature, sea, landscape, this island has become well known for tourism, nightlife and summer clubs. All resources attract large numbers of tourists drawn to that type of summer holidays. The public transport is not so well organized, so the good choice to explore every remote corner of the island is to focus on rental cars in Ibiza (especially to rent a car in Ibiza Airport, considering…

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hire a car in italy

Hire a Car in Italy: few tips to enjoy your italian road trip

Italy is a very beautiful country which you must for sure visit at least one time in your lifetime. The country has various great destinations and fantastic monuments that would surely enjoy your senses. If you really want to explore the cities and the countrysides then the best option for you would be hire a car in Italy, because of the morphology of  the Italian territory, which doesn’t give so many opportunities in terms of public transports. We have written many…

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Car Rental in Italy To Slovenia and Croatia

Car Rental in Italy To Slovenia and Croatia

If you are looking for car rental in Italy to Slovenia and Croatia (or other countries of Balkan area) you can take one by Venice Airport or Treviso Airport, for example. However there are other eays solutions to rent a car to Croatia or Slovenia from Italy: you could take train to Trieste or Udine (close to Venice) and then take bus to Koper (the closest city with Italian border) and a slovenian car rental company will be there for you with the…

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Car Rentals in Sicily: Picking Up Your Rental Car at the Trapani Airport

The Trapani Airport – Birgi Vincenzo Florio is very tiny and you don’t need a map of it (that in anyhow you don’t find it on the official website – it’s mainly a domestic Airport, where in a day you can find just eleven flights and only four airlines that use Trapani: Ryan Air and Alitalia the most famous. So in a small airport without problems or endless walks you can find the car rental desk easily, however, some tourists…

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Rental car services in Catania Airport - Map

Rent a car in Sicily – Picking Up Your Car at the Catania Airport

The Airport of Catania – Fontanarossa (CTA Iata Code) is relatively large and quite comfortable. You can find a nice new terminal and a pretty good old terminal. This is an important information if you are going to rent a car in Sicily, starting your trip from the Catania Airport. Where is the car rental services in Catania Airport? The car rental service isn’t inside the airport, but you can find it walking to old terminal, go outside over bus stops and…

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usa coast to coast rental car

USA Coast to Coast in a Rental Car

If you are planning on touring the USA coast to coast in a Rental car (or caravan), you can visit many landmarks and places of interest without worrying about wearing down your own vehicle in the process. This will require you to visit a car rental facility so that you can get a good car to take you across the vast expanse of land that is the United States of America. Finding the best car rental company available in your…

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car rentals milan airports

Car rentals in Milano Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport

Milan (Milano) is the second largest city in Italy. It’s the capital of the Lombardy region and it’s the main industrial and economic city in Italy. Today we are going to explore what has to be considered when searching for a car hire company in Milano Malpensa Airport or in Linate Airport. It could be a very frequent need: Milan is known for being a bustling city full of great food, and all things related to fashion and sophistication. It…

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al matkoum airport map rental cars

Rental cars at Dubai Airport: a necessary choice

Do you think you can go around Dubai using public vehicles? Forget it. Rental cars at Dubai Airport (DXB) are a necessary choice. Let’s see why. If you are going to travel to Dubai, then you can get ready for amazing resorts, islands and fun in the sun. And you can’t forget the nightlife, it’s described as the ‘funniest time,’ you’ll ever have on vacation. Dubai doesn’t need a formal introduction. Bollywood and Hollywood have taken care of making it looks…

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rental car overseas

Rental Car Overseas: How to Navigate the Terrain

Today we talk about rental cars overseas: if you are planning a trip overseas, you should be interested. There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a trip away from home; a time to enjoy the best food, wines, landscapes and culture from around the globe. Tourists have personal preferences when it comes to transportation options. There’s always the bus, train lines and guided tours to get from one destination to another. But for those who truly want to see the “real…

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