Is Car Renting Worth It When Traveling?

worth_itHow many times have you gone on vacation and relied on taxicabs or other modes of travel to get you to where you wanted to go? Probably more times than you care to remember. You may have even asked yourself why you never considered car renting while away. Is car renting worth it when traveling? Well, it isn’t as if you are the only one who thought that a rental car would cost you more than you could afford.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of a car rental the next time you travel once you learn that it is not as costly as you first thought-in fact you may even save money!

When you add up all the money you have spent on hiring someone to take you sightseeing, you may find that you spent far more than car renting might have cost you. Those taxicabs charge a ridiculous rate, and they charge by the mile, so if you wanted to travel any distance your wallet is going to take a big hit! Better to drive yourself, take your time, and see what you want to see no matter how far you go.

Car renting makes this possible for you no matter what country you travel to.

Is car renting worth it when traveling? Our point of view

You probably already know that you can even go online to rent a car before you even get to your destination. All you really have to do is pick it up at the Airport when you land. Or, you can even wait to do it once you arrive. Every major Airport is home to several various car rental agencies – some you may be familiar with, and some you may have never heard of (see the top ten car rental agencies). If you are very careful you can get a great rental deal without paying a fortune in fees. All you have to do is compare the rates being offered at each car rental agency.

What you don’t want to do is get off that plane and run to the nearest rental counter. What you should do is an online search prior to leaving home. This way, you will be well informed of the different terms and condition of each car renting company and be equipped with the knowledge you need to make the best choice.

You can actually find out everything you need to know about car renting just by calling the toll-free number each company has listed on their website. Don’t have time to peruse all the websites individually? Call! The well-known rental agencies have staff who are trained to answer any question you have as well as quote you the best prices at that time.

Of course, you may not be comfortable talking to someone and this is why the websites try to have all kinds of information right at your fingertips. There is normally a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that you can view, as well as a list of all reviews posted by previous customers who have either been satisfied or not. Either way, you can’t lose.

Special online deals, luxury vehicles, makes and models

The information is there to help you make an informed decision about car renting, and which agency will give you the best rate at any given time. If there are ‘specials‘ going on you will find them at the website, and often there are good rates to be had. Do yourself a favour and keep your money for your vacation souvenirs instead of taxicab fares.

Maybe you have always dreamed about driving around in a high end luxury vehicle but you also know that there is no way you could ever afford to buy one (or you just need a larger vehicle to rent). Well, you can rent one for a while and make those dreams a reality while you are vacationing! If this is a special time for you and your family, or a once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation why not indulge your fantasies by renting your dream car?

You will be shocked at the makes and models that are available to rent. All kinds of amenities can be found in the luxury vehicles. DVD players, Satellite radio, Navigation systems, heated seats and more are available in the luxury cars and trucks.

Car renting does not mean you are going to get stuck with some old, decrepit, seen more miles than you can imagine type of transportation if you rent from a nationally recognized company. An agency you have never heard of however that advertises a $6 a day rental-well….you get what you pay for, and no more!

It may very well be something that should have been relegated to the junkyard years ago. Buyer beware, or in this case car renter beware! Do your research when thinking about car renting. If you don’t, you really have no one to blame but yourself because the information is out there.

You should also know that car renting contracts may be a little tricky to understand if you don’t understand all the terms and conditions, so try to familiarize yourself beforehand. The bottom line is you want to know to the penny how much you are going to pay for the rental and any added fees or surcharges you may end up with. It’s not hard to figure out if you read the agreement carefully from beginning to end including the fine print.

Never overlook that fine print, because there may be something in there that you failed to notice, and it could be something that will affect what you spend.

If you cover all your bases, read all contracts thoroughly, ask questions about terms you don’t understand, your car renting experience should be easy and go off without a hitch.

It’s when you are in a hurry that you may make mistakes you will have to pay for later, so learn what you can beforehand so that you will be able to negotiate a rental agreement that benefits you. Your vacation should be a pleasurable experience without having to worry about how much your car renting is eating in to your budget.

Save the money you might have spent on taxi fares and use it for something memorable.

A related and important topic: Do I Need to Buy Rental Car Insurance?

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In order to protect their fleets, rental agencies offer insurance that covers accidents, theft, or damage. There are a few other options to being covered other than purchasing their rental insurance, your existing auto insurance or your credit card company. Depending on your existing auto insurance it could adequately protect your rental car.

If you use a credit card to purchase your rental you might be covered by that company. Some credit cards offer secondary coverage to help fill the gaps after you filed a claim with your auto insurer.

A few gaps they can fill include: helping pay for towing fees, your auto insurance deductible, and some rental car agency fees. While credit cards usually cover theft protection and collision damage, a gap they do not always fill are personal injury or personal liability. Your credit card company might also put restrictions on the types of vehicles they will cover. Some restrictions include luxury cars, motor homes, trucks, motorcycles, or in your renting in a foreign country.

Depending on the type of coverage you select the average cost of rental insurance is about $10 – $40 per day.

Another dependent factor on the price per day is whether you purchase your rental through the rental company or a third party. Something to pay attention too is rental car insurance clauses, such as liability coverage, personal effects coverage, and roadside assistance/towing.

You, often, have the option to purchase by the clause if there is something specific you would like to have. Some other costs for rented car insurance:

  • The typical cost is anywhere from $8 – $12 per day for supplemental liability coverage,
  • $20 -$30 per day for a loss damage waiver,
  • $3 per day for personal accident insurance,
  • $2 per day to cover your personal effects.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you complete the transaction at an airport counter, they often charge more for rental car insurance.

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