Car rentals in Milano Malpensa Airport and Linate Airport

car rentals milan airportsMilan (Milano) is the second largest city in Italy. It’s the capital of the Lombardy region and it’s the main industrial and economic city in Italy. Today we are going to explore what has to be considered when searching for a car hire company in Milano Malpensa Airport or in Linate Airport.

It could be a very frequent need: Milan is known for being a bustling city full of great food, and all things related to fashion and sophistication. It is the industrial and financial capital of the Lombardy region and the host of several large international fairs and events each year.

Car rentals in Milan Malpensa Airport

Milano Malpensa Airport is situated approximately 50 KM Northwest of the city, serves as the main gateway for visitors all over the world. Many tourists enjoy the freedom of visiting beautiful and cultural places both in and outside of the Metropolis. A rental car is a perfect way to get around and take in all the sites Milan has to offer, considering all its points of interest.

Malpensa T1 car rentals Milan AirportIt is strongly recommended that visitors rent a car on line well in advance in order to receive the best rates and an abundance of choices on styles, size and color automobiles. In order to find car rentals in Milan, you should consider to make your choice at the 2 city Airports: the car rental agencies are located on Arrivals floorLevel 1 of Terminal 1 in Malpensa. From the Airport, it is an easy drive into Milan via the A8 motorway.  In Milan, there are many sites to explore and appreciate such as the famous “Last Supper” painting and the Piazza Duomo. There are many castles and art galleries for art appreciators. For the fashion driven consumer, big names such as Prada have headquarters based in Milan and many shops and boutiques are waiting to be discovered.

From Milan it is easy to travel by rental car to the mountains, lakes and other towns.  In just a few short hours by car, it is possible to cross the Italian boarders into Switzerland and France for those wanting a wider variety of adventure and cultural experiences, stopping by Liguria, why not. There are many places to visit by rental car within a few hours drive. Some of the highly suggested places to visit are:

  • Lodi – located 19 Kilometers Southeast of Milan. It is most known for some cheese, for all you cheese lovers out there. There are several churches not to be missed such as the Church of the Incoronata, containing beautiful fresco paintings and lavish wood carvings.
  • Monza – For tourists traveling in September, is an exciting time to visit. Every year, the small city, located just Northeast of Milan, hosts the Monza Formula One, the most popular and prestigious car race in Italy. There’s a beautiful golf ground too.
  • Lago di Como (Lake Como) – The town of Como is located on the Southern shore of the lake. This beautiful place contains quaint villages, and rolling green hillsides. The Alps Mountains may be visible on clear days.
  • Lago Maggiore –It’s second-largest lake in Italy and part of it crosses the boarder of Switzerland. It’s natural beauty and peaceful setting makes it a perfect day trip by rental car.
  • Bergamo – this ancient city includes medieval streets and buildings. Walls built in the 17h century surround the city and aren’t to be missed.
  • Pavia – The Certosa di Pavia is a Carthusian Monastery, located about 5 miles outside of Pavia center. The monastery is Italy’s largest and is gorgeous. It also contains a small but impressive art collection.
  • Turin – located about two hours drive and the home to the famous Shroud of Turin. Visitors may see a copy of the shroud. The original one is sealed and kept inside a cathedral. Turin boasts it’s delicious chocolates and coffees, so paying a visit to a café is a must. You can drop-off the car in Turin Airport, eventually.

Milan should certainly be on your bucket list when planning a vacation to Italy. Find your car rentals in Milan Airports, rent a car, drive the country sides and experience the beauty that Italy has to offer.

Milan’s smaller Airport: Linate Airport and its rental cars companies

The Milano-Linate Airport is one of the two airports in Milan. It boasts over 6,5 million passengers a year, and is a hub for eastern Italian visitors. Most of the traffic, like most of Italy, comes from Germany, USA and UK. Milan is often associated with high-end, seasonal fashion, but there is so much more to do than just shopping for the latest trends. You can visit cathedrals with amazing architecture, view the Last Supper (L’Ultima Cena) in person, climb to the top of the city at the Duomo Rooftops, stroll through centuries old cemeteries, and generally absorb the history of this ancient metropolis. And of course, you can always visit the Galleria to get your shopping fix.

To get around Milan landing in Linate, you will have easy access to a ton of public transportation or you can choose a car hire in Linate Airport, a smaller Airport close to Milan (Lombardia region). Milan’s transit system is considered the best in Italy, and it boasts subway lines, railways, and buses, trams and trolleys but moving throughout Lombardia is a different affair. Within Milan proper, it is preferred to walk or take transit, as the streets are so busy and hard to navigate in cars or coaches. When you arrive in Milan, you may want to spend a few days taking in all the sites before moving on to other provinces within Italy.

linate airport car hire parking map

If you find yourself having a hard time with Milano transit systems, or are ready to leave Milan, you may find yourself wanting to rent a car in Linate Airport, just after landing. This could be a great option if you’re going to travel between major metropolises, but it is not recommended for inner city travel, especially if you are a tourist. The streets are cramped, full of pedestrians and are often navigated by a lot of vehicles much larger and more confident than yours. Many people decide to choose rental car at Linate airport, which is a great idea if you have plans to circumvent Milan entirely or if you need to go to Monza, Pavia, Bergamo, Como, Cremona, Brescia, Lodi, Mantova, Sondrio, Varese… or other little towns of Lombardia, one of the most important region in Italy from an economic and industrial point of view. Again, it’s not recommended to enter Milan downtown in a vehicle, except you need more freedom. Plan on renting a car after you’ve enjoyed the city; you will save stress as well as money.

Once you have decided to rent a car, and intend to pick it up at Milano-Linate Airport, there are a few things to consider prior to booking. While you may think that booking a rental car at the last minute is a good way to get a discount, it’s also a good way to get the worst leftover car or no car at all.

Booking a hire car well in advance will ensure you have the car you want at the price you want with no hassle after your long flight to Milan.

When you’re booking in the comfort of your own home, it’s recommended that you book the smallest car you are comfortable with. Take into account how many people will be in the car, and how much luggage. Tell everyone to pack lightly, as you need a tiny car to navigate well around Milan and most of Italy. Also consider getting a manual car to save money, but only if you know how to drive one. If you don’t, spend the extra money and get an automatic. You don’t want to stall on dangerous Italian roads.

The most important thing to consider when you do a car hire in Linate Airport is the Italian insurance policies for rental cars. There’s a reason Milan’s transit system is so in-demand. If this doesn’t deter you, keep in mind that you will pay a lot more money per day just to get insurance coverage on your rental car, and you will have a lot of loopholes to evaluate prior to signing anything. Read all fine print! This is very important. Once you’ve done that, be prepared with action plans in case of an accident that cater to the fine print- you don’t want to lose your deposit or get a huge fine because you didn’t do as the company said. In addition, don’t assume your credit card company will always cover you in case of an accident.

Car hire in Milano-Linate airport may seem like the best bet for getting out of Milan quickly. However, if you’re hoping to find the best price for your rental car, doing it at the airport is not the best choice you can do. Better renting online or take a bus or other method of transportation into Milan proper, and hire a car from a non-airport location to save some money. However, if you’re set on renting a car in Linate airport, there are plenty of companies to choose from, especially through online websites like rentalcars.com: they have the best deals.

Just book in advance and enjoy your trip through Italy!