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car hire in munich airportMunich is an old city with a great mix of vibrant, young culture and longstanding history. It also is home to the greatest beer festival in the world: Oktoberfest. The city center is an incredibly easy walk, with everything in a very central location. Many people want to start with Marienplatz, the large city center with shops, great architecture and displays of Bavarian culture. Others prefer to jump right to the bier gartens, such as the infamous Hofbraühaus. People who enjoy architecture often visit the Nymphenburg Palace or the Neuschwanstein Castle. The Englischer Garten is a great place to walk around and enjoy the Munich weather. However, if your adventures take you elsewhere in Germany, there are plenty of ways to get there. Today we are going to see all what you need to know in order to rent a car in Munich Airport.

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Many people fly into Munich with the intention of visiting other surrounding cities or other countries. Munich Airport serves as a great hub, with nearly 40 million people flying in and out every year. Once you arrive at the Munich Airport, it is easy to find your way to the city proper via taxi, public transport or choose to ask to car hire in Munich Airport. If you intend to immediately leave the Munich district, it may be easiest to use other methods of transport. The ICE, or high speed railway system, connects large German metropolises together, and is a great way to speed through Bavaria.

Renting a car in the Munich Airport may be your best bet for getting around Germany on your own schedule and at the best price. In addition, it may allow you to experience Germany’s rich car culture. Think of the BMW and the Autobahn, both of which you can use on your epic vacation.

In order to rent a car in Munich, the best idea would be to book at home prior to arriving in Munich

munich airport mapBecause with so many daily and weekly passengers, Munich’s rental car companies also experience high demand. You don’t want to arrive in Munich ready to race the Autobahn and be relegated to sitting coach on the ICE train. You can also get better deals on rental cars when you book as package with your flight and hotel, saving your money.

When you’re booking your rental car for pickup at the Munich airport, make sure you understand the insurance policy. Often, the company you use will have you pay a higher daily rate for “full coverage,” but read the fine print as there are often loopholes that will end up costing you if you have an accident. Also keep in mind that if you’re flying into Munich with the intention of driving to another country, there are different rules and insurance regulations that apply in those places. Research, and be aware of the processes you need to take in each country you’re visiting in case of an accident.

Once you’re familiar with all the rules associated with a rental car, get ready to book. Make sure you book a small or compact car, and decide whether you need automatic transmission. While racing the Autobahn may be more fun in a manual, you need to know how to drive one first. Don’t embarrass yourself by stalling on the Autobahn. In addition, pack lightly so you can fit into your compact sports car- you don’t want to have to strap your huge suitcase to the roof.

Now you’re ready to book your rental car, ready for pickup when landing in Munich.

It’s recommended that you do not wait until you arrive in Munich to decide how you’re going to move from there.

Munich Airport is about 40km away from Munich’s city center, which means that you at least won’t be thrown into downtown traffic and chaos. However, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re bound to have a stressful first day in Germany. Decide where you’re going before you get on the plane, and know how you’re going to get there. Buy paper maps, or program itineraries into your smartphone. Most rental cars will have GPS as well, so program your plans in there once you pick up your car at the airport.

If you’re set on having a rental car pickup at the Munich airport, you should also be aware that it will give you more freedom and it’s time-saving than if you just hopped on a bus into the downtown area and then picked up a rental car. Do your research, and find out which pickup location is most prime for you and your itinerary.

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