Can I book a hire car for someone else?

hire a car for someone elseDuring travels, there are many times that a rental car is needed and often times, it could be needed for someone else, in the case of business or other scenarios where you may have told someone you would book a car for hire for them.

You may be wondering, “Can I book a hire car for someone else?”. When wondering if you can rent a car for someone else, consider doing this online as it is much easier than actually visiting a location.

Renting a car for someone else: well, yes, you actually can. However, there are some circumstances that you must be aware of before thinking about whether or not booking for other people.

As the person who actually does the reserving of the rental car and the person responsible, if you have prepaid for a rental, you must be the person that picks it up.

This is essential for security purposes and based on the rental car company’s policies, all credentials required when the rental car is picked up must match the name on the hire car reservation.

So, while the answer to “Can I rent a car for someone else?” is yes, the speculation is that you are also available to be there to verify the rental reservation and payment.

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Also, when picking up a rental car, all of the credentials that are presented to the companies that you have booked online, must match the same credit card you used for the online payment.

For these reasons, if you prepay for a rental car for someone else and you plan on someone else picking it up, that is not a feasible decision. All of this is for security purposes because once the car rental is prepaid online, the primary name on the reservation cannot be changed to someone else’s name.

While at times these circumstances might seem inconvenient – especially if you are a busy person and you are desperately trying to help a business customer or partner who is flying in on business or someone who needs a rental car, because their primary car may have broken down and they need the money fronted to pay for it – the liability still lies upon you.

All rental terms and conditions must be met and if the required credentials cannot be presented which identifies you, the person who made the online prepaid car hire rental reservation as the primary person who will accept the car, sign the paperwork, and is the one held liable, you will not even get the car. Reservations can be cancelled and oftentimes companies will apply a cancellation fee.

So, in order to fully answer the question of whether or not “Can I book a hire car for someone else?” you really need to consider the matter of convenience that you have in able to help pick up the car.

If it is your name, your credit card, and your information on the rental car reservation, it is you that must be the one that picks it up.

You are the one held accountable for the rental reservation. However, the online reservation can be arranged so that you meet the person who is going to pick up the rental car for hire at the location.

Then you can still be the person who signs all of the paperwork, allows for the payment to go through, agrees to all terms set by the rental car company, and identifies yourself for security purposes in the case of fraud protection.

keyThe person for which you went online and booked the rental car for can easily be right there and you can then turn over the keys and can also understand the specific terms and conditions that are required by the rental car company.

If you paid for a rental car and still wish for someone else to drive it, it is not a problem as long as you are considered the primary car and are present to pick up the rental car along with the additional driver. Still in this circumstance, all credentials including identification, credit cards, and perhaps even insurance cards must be presented at that time.

When booking a car rental for hire online, websites do not ask information about additional driver information at the time the reservation is made. However, you can add the additional driver to the paperwork to show that someone else will actually be driving the car when you actually go to pick up the vehicle.

While this is possible, an additional driver fee may be added to the expense of the car rental and when the car is returned, it will need to be paid. For security purposes, once a rental car is prepaid online, the primary name on the reservation cannot be changed.

exclamation_point-64So, when you consider to rent a car for another person, you must do it for the right reasons. Be cautious that you are renting the car for someone who will be responsible and respectful of you being the one who is going out of their way to ensure that the person you are renting for appreciates what you have done.

Whether they need to have a car to drive during a business trip, for a vacation, or even in the case that a broken down car has left them stranded, with you making the primary reservation and using your identity and credit or debit card to pay for the rental, you are the one accountable for any possible damages.

Rental agencies consider the credit card that is given as a deposit on the rental car. Typically booking a rental car means that a person is allotted a certain period of time or a certain amount of mileage that can be put on the vehicle which is why the charges are paid for at the end of the rental period.

In the case that damages are made to the car or the vehicle has been involved in an accident, you, as the primary driver and the one who made the reservation for the rental car, are financially responsible for any damages which may have occurred.

So, can I book a hire car for someone else? The answer is…

CheckTo definitely answer the question about booking a rental car for someone else… YES, you can, but you have to be in place when getting the car, because the booking must be done from you, with your name, ID and credit card, even if you are going to pass the key to another person.

You might even be able to book that rental car using their information as long as their full name and age that are required in the driver’s name field is filled out using their name during the booking.

They must have a valid driver’s license issued in their name in order to pick up the car. While the convenience is offered to book these rental cars, there may be some hang ups when it comes to doing so depending on what company you actually get the car from. Their policies differ slightly and can make a difference but if it’s your name, you’re the responsible party.

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