Best ways and time to Rent a Car Online

Best ways and time to Rent a Car OnlineProbably you never thought to rent a car during your journey, for travel, leisure or business. Probably you have always used public transport but you are tired to do that: crowded subways, late trains, smells. The rental car is a good opportunity to save money, time and to have all the freedom.
But if you don’t want problems (even if renting a car is easy) please read these tips and tricks in our best ways and time to rent a car Online post: you could need this information for your next travel!

Best Ways to Rent a Vehicle Online

The main thing is a credit card (but things are changing: see also what is launching Amazon, with Amazon Cash Program). Fundamental, or you could not go ahead with your reservation. And if have you a debit card? Rental car is possible but rarely. Some companies allow debit card or prepaid card although there are risks for rental car companies.

Another important aspect is the age of the driver. There are some restrictions. The major car rental companies require a minimum rental age of 25 years and if you are under, probably there are surcharges.

Best time to book your rental car

The best time to book? If you book as soon as possible is the best. There are some periods, for example during the summer or holiday weekend, that are very busy of people wanting a rental car and the prices go up. The time to visit is significative.
When you plan your journey, you book in advance hotel room, flight, to have the better rate.The same with car!

Booking in advance a car

Book in advance could mean for you also to enjoy the financial discounts and other benefits. Rental cars increase as the date gets closer. Is it useful the pre-booking option? Most of the best known car rental companies offer this opportunity to facilitate the customers in a better way.

The best time to rent a car means also you don’t book the car for longer than you will need.
Advance car rental booking is important to confirm the status of availability before you start the journey. This way you are sure to have you rental car reserved for you and your family at the cheapest price too (or at least at a fixed pricing). Pre – booking is very attractive for savings if you book at least 5 to 7 days before starting your trip. But it depends: in U.S.A. the best rates usually come about 2-4 weeks before the actual date.

You could expect at least 15% savings as advantage, but you may get higher percentages.

More options

Booking in advance means also rent a good car. If you are late, probably, you haven’t this opportunity. You can easily find the best car comparing these one online.If you need a mini or a SUV, for example, booking in advance you can find it and choose among them. On the contrary if you are late, you couldn’t find the right car for your needs.

Of you book before your travel, you get to enjoy the cheapest rates; the best selection of vehicles and the guarantee that it will not have been modified.

Best location to rent you car!

The best time to rent a car means also the best location to find a car. Plan your renting and don’t forget to find in advance a map of the airport or an airport guide downloading online. Some international airports are quite extensive: so as soon as you leave the terminal, among the other services is possible to find the hire care company agencies: normally they are located in the Arrivals Area or just outside the Terminal. But probably you don’t know that the price of rental cars at the airport is way higher than that city depot, even for the same supplier or rental agency.

It’s because airports charge the rental car suppliers a huge amount for renting the car spaces and desk space inside the terminal. They also charge customers more for the convenience. If you’re renting a car for just a day, it might not make much of a difference in your total cost. If you’re renting for a longer time, for example for a week, it could mean significative savings. Booking in advance for you could mean also comparing the price from airport and downtown locations to see if it’s worthwhile getting other transport from the airport to the city and picking the car up there instead. [We usually think this is not worthing, because of the wasting of time and money for the transfer]

Travelling safe and sound with your rental car

Do you want to travel happy and sure? Then, don’t forget to control the rental car insurance if you don’t want other extra – costs. In most cases you don’t need different insurances because they automatically cover loss or damage when you rent a car (basic cover), but please control if you have enough insurance, if the coverage is for rental car damage or theft.

The best way to rent a car, anyway, is the use of comparison sites and comparison widget (like the one we have: www.rentcar360.com/book-now-my-rental-car). Websites for rental cars are so various and allow you to compare the major rental suppliers. They are very easy to use giving in just one screen all the available cars in the area and period of time selected. You just have to compare and book in less than 3 minutes.

Rent a car online is not difficul: if you find the best time and the best conditions it will be not only easy, but also cheap and quick. Please avoid the last minute, book in advance, compare prices, cars and insurance conditions eventually through comparison websites. Keep also in mind the right time you need the car: a reservation could be canceled or amend anytime but reserve your rental car online in advance is the best price guaranteed! In most cases cancelling or changing is free.