The Best Way to Rent a Car

the best way to rent a carWhen considering the best way to rent a car, you should get started from a precise question: is it better to rent a car online or in person?

The Best Way to rent a car: the answer is simple…

The answer will almost always be online. There is so much more flexibility and you can rent your car ahead of time rather than just showing up in person only to get the rental car options that are left on the lot. In the case that you flew into an Airport on a late night flight, you might have a hard time finding a car agency that is open and available for you to rent a car.

Additionally, keep in mind that you are able to plan a business trip, a family getaway, a visit to a foreign country, or just a road trip a lot more efficiently when you are able to get one matter of business out of the way. When thinking about the best way to rent a car, note that if you rent a car in person, sometimes a car salesperson might try to upgrade you and try to sell you additional things you do not need.

When you reserve a rental car online, you are actually able to think it through and see for sure what your needs are for a rental car and can make a better informed decision without someone breathing down your neck.

Remind yourself that you can reserve a rental car from your home or office at any time of the day. If you opt to do it in person, you do not have that leisure which only adds to the hassle. Plus, when you try to get a rental car in person instead of online, you will be weighed down with having to deal with a possible long line of other people and renting a car in person can take a long time by the time you have read through all of the terms and conditions, figure out what kind of car you need, think about the budget you have, and then finally go through all of the information with a salesperson who might be kind of testy.

Another thing to remember: keep in mind that when you look online, you can always look through the different car rental agencies. You can enter your name, address, phone number, personal information, and credit card information securely. You can also look through and compare the prices and get quotes from different rental car agencies in real time so that you can compare the different makes and models and then see if another car rental company might have that same model but for a cheaper rate.

The best way to rent a car, as a matter of fact, involves the patience you should have seeing which company offers the various models of compact, intermediate, standard, luxury, sport utility vehicles, prestige cars, minivans, and large passenger vans. One company might have a different fleet of cars that are newer and have more features for a cheaper cost. You really never know until you sit down and take the time to make the comparisons.

One thing that is advantageous about renting a car in person versus over the Internet is that you actually get to see what car it is you will be driving.

However, as long as it safely gets you to where it is you need to go, does it really matter what it really looks like?

In some cases, yes, it might depend on what your car looks like. You might need to see the different models in person so you can get a feel for which option might be a better fit for you in the case that you are driving with additional passengers and a lot of luggage. But online, the car rental companies actually tell you which models are your options so you can easily search each model online to see how much room it is and some of the car maker sites might give you a 3D virtual tour of what a typical car of that make and model might look like so that you can truly see if it will be roomy enough for everyone’s legs, teddy bears, video games, laptop bags, wedding dresses, and other luggage you might be toting.

When you wonder is it better to rent a car online or in person then keep in mind that oftentimes you can actually get better deals online. There are many promotional coupon codes that can be applied to vehicle rentals that can help make your rentals cheaper. Many times, those codes, coupons, and discounts will not ever even be mentioned in a personal visit to a car rental company because they are there to make the money and maybe even the commission.

You couldn’t know all the details…

About the best way to rent a car, you have to remember that there are some things that will be mentioned in an online car reservation that you might not have thought about beforehand.

When you plan in advance, you can actually be prepared to rent a car rather than show up in person at a car rental agency only to discover that they typically only take credit cards so you are stuck wasting money on taxi cabs instead and are limited in the area that you can explore by public transportation.

If your travel schedule is more flexible, you can research online what the peak rental times are for cars. Those are when the car rental agencies hike up the prices because it is a period of time when there are more travelers going in and out of different areas. This might be during summer months when families are taking vacations or during holidays when people are going to visit family or friends. That way you can look online and make the price rate comparison of the price difference of picking up a car on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

Also, you are able to actually take the time to read all of the fine print on contract agreements and will actually be able to see an itemized list of fees that you will be paying. In person they might just draw up the agreement in a hurry and have you sign at the X and you go on your way only to find out that you have signed away to a lot of fees that you had not prepared for.

Another advantage of why is it better to rent a car online or in person is that insurance always plays a major role in renting a car. If you decide to opt for online rather than in person, you are given the opportunity to determine if your own auto insurance policy will pay for a rental car in the possibility that you are in a collision while driving it or if you might have any theft or vandalism protection.

Finally, you can check with your credit card company to see if it provides extra coverage for insurance as many often do provide a secondary insurance coverage policy as a backup plan. If you try to do that in person, you might find yourself frustrated and sign up for every type of insurance they offer just because you are afraid of a collision or you might think that you do not need the coverage only to find out that if something happens to the car, if only you had paid that small little fee, you would not be out the entire cost of the vehicle.

These are just a handful of reasons summarizing the best way to rent a car and why you should really think that it is better to rent a car online: you will find that online wins out every time.