Avoid mistakes and save money renting a car – Fundamental tips

Avoid mistakes and save money renting a car - Fundamental tipsRental car online is a modern and cheap way to have available a comfortable car for a more or less long period. Nowadays the rental car online services are easy and fast but however there are some things to know about the price / quality and for a good evaluation of the rental conditions. Today we are going to explain some fundamental tips for renting a car avoiding mistakes and saving money too. 

The rental car is comfortable solution for everyone: for the private customers and for the companies; also you can count on many makes and models for every needs, giving to tourists and businessmen a new way of getting around the city and beyond.

Today a car rental is an easy operation but maybe you run the risk, including much information available, to do mistakes. Our purpose is to give you a big tips list with details, explanations and any other informations that may be of help to get the best. So, our travel experience will be without difficulties!

Choose your rental vehicle avoiding mistakes

credit car rent a car online1) Have a credit card: it is the first thing, perhaps underrated, but owning a credit card is essential to making the rental online, except you are renting with minor car hire companies (for example in little locations such as Ibiza and Formentera).

Without a credit card in your name do not go anywhere! Sometimes a prepaid card could be good and useful to pay, but it depends on the car hire companies you rely on. The credit card must be in the name of the driver.

Ibiza –> www.rentcar360.com/rent-a-car-ibiza-airport-how-to-and-why

Formentera –> www.rentcar360.com/rental-cars-in-formentera-what-you-should-know

2) Compare prices: If you plan your trip in advance you can calmly evaluate the prices, the available cars and service options that the rental agency offers. Compare saves, find the convenience, identify the best rental providers and find the most satisfactory rates. Online you can find rental comparison sites to make renting a car more transparent.

By providing as much independent information as possible we make it easy to compare prices and rental conditions, so renting a vehicle is possible for the lowest price with the best rental conditions, without surprises or hidden costs after the travel.

3) Check the vehicle before leaving: The car rental agency will give the documents and will tell you where to find the possible dents or scratches on the car body. If you notice something wrong, say so immediately and take some photos with your smatphone.

If something happens during the rental, call the agency to communicate what happened, without waiting any longer or risk that on your return you lose money for a crime you did not commit.

fuel conditions rental cars4) Compare the fuel conditions: Normally the options are “full to full” and “full to empty”. Try to understand what they mean because the price of fuel can be decisive in the assessment of the price. In the first case, the car is withdrawn and returned with a full tank. A very practical solution because no additional cost although many customers do not want to take on the task of thinking to a supply (imagine if you were late to the airport …).

In the second case, the leased car is withdrawn and returned with a tank (almost) empty. In this case, immediately after the withdrawal of the vehicle, you should go to the first filling station. Again we may have difficulties to find gas stations.

5) Which car? Today the rental agencies have a very wide range of machines that meets all requirements. From compact to SUV, you’re free, but if you do not need a prestigious car, prefer a small car and a cylinder to contain costs. The longer you keep the rental car the cheaper it becomes.

6) Something to know about insurance rate: should always choose the insurance policies that protect us more. The policies can have content, and thus different prices because there may be additional coverages. Too many people think that their auto insurance policy plus their credit card coverage benefits equals all set. Again – maybe you are, maybe you’re not. But have you read very well the documents?

Too many renters learn the hard way that what most cards provide is secondary coverage, meant only to bulk up your auto insurance policy, paying out after that has been exhausted. Your credit card, for example, can be a great asset, but if you don’t follow all the credit card rules, the very thing you think is going to keep you out of trouble might end up leaving you in a world of hurt.

7) What to do when returning the car: the date and time you need to return your vehicle is stated on your booking confirmation. At this moment remember to make fuel to avoid not find time for a distributor, check the status of the vehicle to prevent it from being charged damage for which we are not responsible.

Also remember to ask for a well detailed bill in order to identify if there were charged extra costs, except you booked and payed online (no surprises with online reservation!).

Get the car back on time. Returning a rental car late will quickly incur massive additional fees. Some agencies are slightly more lenient than others when it comes to returns and have a grace period where no charges will be added. But no agency has infinite room for mercy.

8) Additional fees? No, thanks. Attention to additional fees for GPS System, car seats for kids, chains, sky – rack. If you don’t need them, you can save money.

Booking online is not difficult. Rent the car you need for your trip is easy, cheap and fast but it is very important to be careful for some details, saving money and having the best service quality.