7 – 9 and more passengers Van Rental: the best choice for comfort

7 9 and more passengers Van Rental the best choice for comfortFor any type of travel we could possibly need a Van. For tourism trip or for business but also for a student group or a big family. Van is a vehicle capable of carrying passengers, in a number higher than cars. Nowadays a van is usually set up for family use: 7, 9 or more passengers Van rental could be the solution you were looking for.

You can drive a Van similarly to a car, with comfortable accomodations for passengers, safety and a great driving position. So, what about passenger rental van if we need to travel in 7-9 and more? Here a guide, in order to know what to consider when renting these roomy vehicles.

Are we running into difficulties finding one? Any idea of companies? Does a rental agency rent a van? Is it expensive? Is it hard to find? Why have you considered one big vehicle instead of 2 cars for a group of people?

We try to give these answers and more.

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1. Companies for van rental. If you do a Google Search or just a search in our online aggregator you can find many van rental companies and their locations. We can find also exclusive offers in more and more worldwide locations. Probably the companies renting a van have not a large fleet, but now these have learned that a greater fleet is very important to improve their earnings.

Nowadays all van rental companies would pursue customer satisfaction. Many companies offer passengers van services and comfortable 15 passengers’ van rental for when you need much space (a tourism group, a students’ trip, sport team and so on).

2. Van Fleet: choose the best van as you want. Choose the van that will best suit your rental requirements. Your trip should be very comfortable! A good van will minimize the impacts of long driving time, creating a better experience to your trip for you and your group. Driving can be so much fun: the travel will mean enjoy the comfort. Please when you choose the van don’t remember to keep in mind the place for luggage. Is it a long travel? Please don’t forget the importance of some features such as LCD TV screen, CD/DVD player, Radio, SD-Card Reader & Aux input. The passengers need of them and if you travel with kids they can watch TV!

3. Pay attention to the luggage. Choose a Van considering the amount of luggage of the people you are carrying. Is the group composed by 9 travellers, for instance? Well, consider at least 2 more seats, in order to have space enough for all the luggage and other travel accessories. So, if you are looking for a 7 or 9 seater van rental, ask yourself how many people you are travelling with.

4. Insurance on van rental. About insurance for van up to 15 seats we have the same considerations made for car. Before renting please control the cover about accidental damage, fire, theft and malicious damage to the hired van and loss or damage to tyres, windscreen, van keys, towing and loss of use of the van. More information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Car_rental#Insurance.2Fwaivers

The agency renting the van determines what car rental protection you need. Every company will have slightly different insurance conditions and rules, so it is important that you are aware of all items before booking.

5. Check your van. Before you drive away, check the van inside and outside for any damage. It’s an important procedure. After it you can travel without worrying. Is the van insurance correct? Are there damages? Check for scratches, so you save problems. Please if you can check condition of the vehicle with company’s staff such as damage and angle of rearview mirror.

6. Can you drive a van? It’s a little bit different. If you are not familiar with driving vans, it could be not so easy to get used to for their bigger dimensions. Also parking could be more difficult than cars, so pay attention when parking if you don’t want damage the rented van. Before your trip, making a trailer with a van could be a good option. Be aware of the different length also.

However after few minutes you get used to the size; the fundamentals of driving are the same of a car obviously. You can drive all vans up to 3,500kg with a standard car driving licence (category B). There are penalty points for driving without the right licence and fines. Whether you are allowed depends on the weight of the van you will be driving.

7. Check the rental conditions. Before booking read with attention what the agency offers to you. Is there unlimited mileage available? Is there a minimum of days for rental? Please control if the company accepts payments by most major credit/debit cards, including Mastercard, Visa Credit and Visa Debit.

Check also if you need additional services and costs such as child car seats, Satellite Navigation System, sightseeing informations and so on. You must pay attention to hidden costs. If you don’t need extras, please attention if they are added.

8. Other useful information about bigger rental vehicles. As we told parking a 7, 9 or more seater Van vehicle could be very difficult for its length, so think about it before travelling because not all of company’s branches have on-site parking, so we suggest to call ahead to the branch before your arrival.

Be aware of the drop-off of the Van, also: with or without a completely full tank as company wants. This should be one of the main general enquiries: how the company operates the van and how it considers fuel for the van.

After these little advices, enjoy your travel!

Rental van is on of the most significative revolution in passengers’ mobility. Van rentals are helpful and very convenient (cheap, time, costs) when you travel abroad or if you need to accommodate more passengers, luggage or supplies.

Renting two or more vehicles rather than a van for your travel or business trip increases the costs (insurance, taxes, fees). Van rental could be the smartest choice because every passenger will travel in a comfortable way and because you can choose competitive agencies and rates on van rentals in many countries directly from your home, with an internet connection: compare prices, spaces, style and luxury (yes there are also luxurious vans!) from different international brands with just one click.

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