5 ways to save on car rentals

save money on car rentalsRenting car could be a good solutions for your holidays and trips. However the price may be up, considering for example that the prices are higher if you rent a car from airport locations or during high season. Today we are going to explore the 5 basic ways to save on car rentals. Abrams Consulting Group considers that the average rate for a one day rental of a car booked a week in advance from an airport location was $99.81 up from $75.96 a year ago [Read also “Cost of renting a car – what you should know]. Choosing to rent a car not at airport could save your wallet but also in this case you can find higher prices and not always you can find the car that you are looking for, moreover during the summer. Do you want to save money? Keep reading…

Rental car companies have cut their rental car fleets by about 20 percent to curb expenses, according to Abrams. So, in this situation to make a good deal renting a car, you have to be smart and consider the following tips.

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Save on car rentals: 5 basic tips

  1. First of all, make on line research: web sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity, Vroom Vroom Vroom, Carrentals.com, bookingbuddy.com and the best one, rentalcars.com, help you to find the best rental car offers available by city or airport location; compare all those offers and find that one is best option for you, make sure taxes and fees are included in the cost comparisons. You can also find a rental car company’s web site for rate quotes as well as sales and discounts. Keep in mind that the online quote is often lower than the rate you’d receive by making a reservation at the phone or by mail.
  2. Using all your discounts cards that you have into wallet, would be an advantage: scour all your frequent flier clubs, credit cards and membership organizations for discounts on car rentals, even a 10 percent discount on a weekly rental will help to cut rental car costs saving money and budget for your holiday. There are many kinds of discounts that rental agencies offer, just check them and read all hidden conditions (if there are). Besides, some rental car companies offer very good  rates on the weekends, until half price lower than the daily rates offered during the week, of course to consider it you need flexibles days, however take care of  something specials on weekly rates. Daily rental rates are so expensive that renting a car for five days could be more expensive than the weekly rental rate. Sometimes a individual price could be an important detail to save on car rentals.
  3. Keep on mind that a good idea could be that to don’t consider airport locations to get a car: take a few minutes to a find the best available price from an off-airport rental car agency for your trip, for example in the city that you are visiting, if this is possible and if doesn’t give additional stress to your upcoming holiday. Some rental car companies have agencies in or near hotels, other rental agencies may allow you to pick up and drop off your car right at your hotel, saving time. Anyway, consider also the waste of time renting a car off the airport…
  4. Don’t forget to check out rental car offers of smaller, regional chains and local independent agencies because  they may have lower prices than the big national one: regional car rental chains could be an other spot to save your money! To search for rental car deals from smaller chains and independent car rental agencies, check out Carrentalexpress.com, which helps you to find local rental car deals by airport, city and also your address. Another way to find a smaller rental car agency near your holiday destination is to ask for a suggest at the hotel or resort where you’ll be staying. They could possibly have some knowledge about to save on car rentals in their zone.
  5. Book your car on time! Wait until the last minute and you could pay much higher prices and you may don’t find the car you had in mind, you can always delete your request if you find a better deal by an other car rental agency, but book early at least some weeks before your holiday. Most times you can cancel without penalty but check that just to make sure. Set your price searching on internet, and for sure at the end you´ll find best solution.

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