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rent a car industry technology

How Technology is Changing the Rent-a-car Industry

As you might have noticed by now, the future didn’t bring us flying cars. The changes the future has brought our way are less apparent but equally substantial. This especially holds true when it comes to the car rental industry, where a myriad of small changes is making the whole industry evolve and change in significant ways. Here are some ways tech has already changed the car rental industry’s landscape, along with some reasonable predictions of the upcoming trends. It’s…

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road rage can cost you a lot rental cars rules

Costs of Road Rage in terms of money, rights and safety

  Road rage is something that’s likely happened to the best of us.   Someone cuts us off and any chance of staying calm flies out the window. Experiencing road rage is also no better than being on the receiving end of it! Getting yelled at on the road is not only frustrating, but also dangerous since attention for both parties is now less focused on the road and more focused on the conflict at hand. Needless to say, many…

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Book online or go to counter - A comparison between renting a car at the airport or online

Book online or go to counter? A comparison between renting a car at the airport or online

There are many reasons to get your rental car once you touch down at the airport. Head to the rental car counter at any major airport and it’s obvious: many travelers get their rental cars at the airport. But let’s talk about economics: is it cheaper to rent a car at the airport or online? Booking your car beforehand adds just one more to-do on your list to accomplish before you can leave. Some people may simply forget it. Others…

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Saving Money and Time on your next rental car with no stress

Saving Money and Time on your next rental car… with no stress!

If you need to rent a car, don’t just walk up to the counter in the airport and take whatever they give you. That may not land you the best deal. Whether you are planning a road trip, landing in a new city or need to rent a car for other reasons, here are some pro tips on how to save money and time on your next rental car. Save Money and Time on Rental Cars: 14 tips 1. You…

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Avoid mistakes and save money renting a car - Fundamental tips

Avoid mistakes and save money renting a car – Fundamental tips

Rental car online is a modern and cheap way to have available a comfortable car for a more or less long period. Nowadays the rental car online services are easy and fast but however there are some things to know about the price / quality and for a good evaluation of the rental conditions. Today we are going to explain some fundamental tips for renting a car avoiding mistakes and saving money too.  The rental car is comfortable solution for…

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Best ways and time to Rent a Car Online

Best ways and time to Rent a Car Online

Probably you never thought to rent a car during your journey, for travel, leisure or business. Probably you have always used public transport but you are tired to do that: crowded subways, late trains, smells. The rental car is a good opportunity to save money, time and to have all the freedom. But if you don’t want problems (even if renting a car is easy) please read these tips and tricks in our best ways and time to rent a…

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