Summer Rental Rules – How to rent a car safely during Summer

Summer Rental Rules - How to rent a car safely during SummerIn this period there are a lot of offers and tips on summer rentals. For those who are on holiday and staying in town, here some useful tips to avoid scams or bad last minute suprises in order to rent a car safely during Summer, for your vacation.

Obviously if you decide to rent apartments, cars, scooters and everything you need before leaving, look at home at websites and search engines to check the best price available on the online market. Weigh up all the pros and cons of individual deals, not always the lowest price is the cheapest, in fact in many cases the slightly higher price offers more services. Double check your contracts, take care carefully how much they really affect the extras and how would cost  all additional performances.

Rental Cars for your Summer Holiday: few tips to avoid bad surprises

In the case of cars take care to including mileage and, above all, the return times to avoid nasty surprises, often only just for few minutes late  you have to pay a full day. As well for  fuel consumption, the car should be returned as it was withdrawn otherwise you’ll have to pay the supply at giving back, often with a large commission. Remember to carefully choose the model that best suits your needs not only to travel but, above all, for all  family members; often a minivan and station wagon have the same price but the comforts of the first are much greater if you travel with children and luggages.

If you are travelling to Italy, take a look at this: and to the best italian locations:

When you find yourself face to face with the worker of car rental office, close look at the car and set out immediately any signs on bodycar dents, to prevent that them are being  charged to your account. Finally, needless to say, ask about the road rules, speed limits, and any restrictions or differences compared to that of our country. Important , for cars, but not only, giving special attention to the conditions relating to insurance, moreover if you are in foreign countries.

If you are renting a room or a house, check with care the rules on the linen (if it is included , or if you can bring from home) and especially the consumption of electricity and the use of household appliances. In many cases there are costs that must be calculated separately and may adversely affect your overall budget. 

Make a check list of what you want or what you think it is for you, this is true for the rent of a room or of a car, or a simple sun bed.  In this way you will avoid all doubts when are signing  the contract without any unpleasant arguments upon return. Fundamental, in any case, is the final cleaning.

Remember that an object that is rented should be treated with extreme care to give back it in the best conditions to those who will come after you. If you don’t have enough care, about this to return the car, the house, the room or the boat in perfect condition, clean and shining, you’ll have to pay an additional penalty for cleaning. Little tricks that can save your summer holiday!

Pay attention to the best online Summer deals

Book your car before leaving, better don’t take it on site: you could spend more and not find car suited to your needs. Now using internet is quite easy to compare the prices of the various rental agencies, there are sites that do the comparison for you. Take care on ancillary services, such as child seats, navigation system or other: often they greatly increase the price. The only thing you have to take care of during Summer Holiday (for example in Europe) is to take roomy vehicles, with functioning air conditioning: you will travel with comfort and no sweat.

Lose a few minutes to read all the terms and conditions because  more  than one company requires a single driver or a minimum age, or a maximum mileage. In addition, give attention to gasoline: usually it goes returned with a full tank to avoid paying penalties!

Before getting in the car check any scratches or damage to the car and, in the case, ask the agency to report the attendant problems you have encountered. The same thing to the delivery, ask for a certified  that there aren´t damages and never hurts to even take a few photos. Find the  website that offers the best prices is not all you have to do when you have to hire a car: you have to know how it is best to set for accessories (such as a navigation system it is better to rent it or buy it) and above all you must be able to understand the complicated world of related car insurance.

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Linked to the problem of finding and booking a good deal on the car there are a whole series of secondary issues to consider: the international license, if you need it,  and the price of gasoline, and the price of gasoline, if you are abroad. A good navigation system is absolutely necessary for a road trip away from home: rent it often costs so much that should buy it when you arrive or before, in your country.

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